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    Madeline M

    Currently looking for good food combination of kibble and canned for 10 month old Giant Schnoodle and weighing approximately 60 lbs. She is currently eating Paw Tree which was sent with her from breeder and ends up consistently with very soft stool. Any suggestions??

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    Susan W

    Contact VeRUS pet foods. They’ll send you samples that are awesome and they’ll answer any questions you might have. I’ve been feeding VeRUS for a while and my dogs are happy, healthy, and don’t poop nearly as much as they used to. I switched my mom’s dog to this food and she has turned into a much more efficient (fewer poops, better color, better size) pooping machine than when she first arrived.

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    I feed mostly Whole Earth Farms, Nutri Source, Victor or Taste of the Wild kibble to my large breed dogs. I mix with either Nature’s Domain or 4Health canned foods for morning meals. In the evening, I add either eggs, sardines, tripe or raw nuggets to their meals.

    Hope this helps!

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    Susan W

    FYI – I fed 4Health before I started w/VeRUS & was not happy w/it. I tried Victor as it is made locally but after feeding VeRUS & knowing how fresh it smells, I couldn’t cope with the smell of Victor. (Victor smells like your basic dog food, VeRUS either smells like fresh fish – in their fish formulas – or it doesn’t really have a scent). My dogs didn’t like Victor, either.
    I haven’t tried Whole Earth Farms or Taste of the Wild but Taste/Wild has had some recall problems. VeRUS & Victor have never had a recall.

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