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    Linda K

    I just received another bag of Real Meat Air Dried Turkey Recipe Dog Food. The first bag had Guaranteed Analysis of crude protein (min) 36%, crude fat (min) 18%, crude fiber (max) 2%, and moisture (max) 15%. The new bag has, in the same order 25%-20%-4%-20%. That seems to my feeble brain to be a monumental change. I called the company, and the (apparently clueless) person I asked said it was due to the different kinds of turkeys they get in, how lean they are, and how much meat they had on them.(!) So, do they analyze every batch of turkeys they get in and change the packaging each time? If so, that might help explain its high price, but that seems extremely unbelievable to me. When I asked for further clarification, she said she would call me back after she discussed it with the “department who makes those calculations.” I then commented on the different appearance of the food. Again, she made some inane comment about hearing conversation about changing the appearance to make it look more uniform. The old food looked uniformly like mulch. The new food looks uniformly like smaller mulch, but still long and thin like pieces of mulch. Do I need to find yet another dog food for my dog? Will Dog Food Advisor be updated on the new stats? If so, will that change the rating? Inquiring minds want to know! Can anyone answer? As a side note, the company representative to whom I spoke is in California, but she has not called me back. I have a feeling she won’t….

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