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    Connie T

    Hi there, I am currently cooking for my dogs and seriously considering switching to raw. I do still feed a small amount of their dry food and always want to keep it on hand in case of a situation where running to the store is not an option (power outages etc.) So if I did switch to raw I would still give them a small amount of dry food and always keep plenty of it in air tight containers. In a worse case scenario, dry would be better than nothing. Is anyone else into preparedness and have you considered your pets and how you would feed them say if the power went out for a week?

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    I store the dry food in airtight containers in the freezer. That should keep it good for a long time…a year, maybe.

    If the power goes out for a week, all bets are off.

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    I’m pretty much always a bag ahead on Dry-as soon as I open a bag, I order or pick up the next bag so im not scrambling at the last minute. For their toppers-I usually keep about 2 weeks worth of canned on hand for breakfast, and a 4lb box of THK (usually, Grandma Lucy’s is in there) which is the dinner topper, and I do the same as the dry food for that, when I open a box, I get the next one. More out of I don’t like suddenly being out of food and have to get one immediately than for preparedness, but that’s a nice side benefit I suppose.

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    Jennifer H

    I keep some high quality frozen kibble in the freezer in case of emergency, if the power goes out just thaw it out and I’m good. I also have a flock of free range chickens, so my dog would be supplemented with a daily fresh egg. Also if the power went out the food would still be edible for the dog for a few days if kept in a cooler with ice. I also keep a few cans of dog food on hand in case of emergency.

    I feed my dog a raw diet and I love it. I’ve been formulating my own recipes somewhat based off of HoundDogMom’s (check out her stickied thread.) but with more ‘parts’ aka a lot of variety in bones and meats. It’s been kind of getting to be a pain in the butt lately though, so I think I’m going to fully switch to her model with a few minor tweaks to suit my small dog. Instead of grinding my own meat I’m just going to be preground meat from Hare Today (probably going to use the whole rabbit and the goat instead of chicken/beef, and then use chicken necks and feet as his evening rmbs, because chicken bones are the only ones he can safely eat.)

    Be careful feeding kibble and raw in the same meal. Some dogs can get digestive upset from this, although some dogs tolerate it fine.

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    I keep several different types of food for backup – canned, dehydrated/freeze dried, kibble.

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    Kristin C

    I’m not sure I qualify for what you would consider as preparedness. I feed my dogs mostly raw, but provide 2-3 kibble meals per week because it suits our lifestyle. When we travel we do find kibble to be convenient, particularly for our car sick pup. My dogs eat a combination of grinds, RMBs, and kibble. I actualy have a calendar on the frig with their meals listed about 2 weeks out so I guess I am prepared now that I am writing this. A bag of 5lb kibble lasts about 3-4 months for our 25 lb dog.

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