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    Lord F

    How often should I be feeding them? I give two of my dogs raw for breakfast, they get 7oz of raw per day, then kibble in the evening. They get 5.7oz of muscle meat, 1.3oz of organ meat, and RMB’s every other day.
    I’ve been putting a raw egg (no shell) in their breakfast everyday, but I see most people only do this once a week. Am I doing it too often?
    Also, what exactly are the benefits of raw eggs? Should I be feeding shell?

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    Here are a couple articles for you: One article says feed the whole egg, shell and all, the other says not to feed the shell. Personally, I feed the shell and all. I give my dog a fresh, cage free chicken or duck eggs a couple times a week and that’s all…



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    The avidin in egg white binds with biotin so the body can’t use all of what is in the diet, so I only give raw eggs a couple times a week. The rest of the time I give lightly cooked eggs. Feed the shell if you are feeding a meal that is light in calcium. Don’t feed the shell if the meal is heavy in calcium.

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    Lord F

    Thanks guys!

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