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    Laura C

    I have been feeding raw for over 5 years now, but as life becomes more hectic I’m really struggling with it. Does anybody have any recipes for raw food that cover all the essential vitamins and nutrients? To buy commercially prepared raw food would be way to costly (I’m feeding a 75 lb lab mix and a 110 lb Rottweiler/Doberman mix)! So my thinking is that if I can get a few good recipes that I can grind (I have a very good grinder that can handle chicken bones), spend an hour or so every couple of weeks grinding and freezing everything in portions, throw in a chicken back once a day to keep their teeth sparkling, it would help simplify my life! I just can’t seem to find any recipes to follow. I just want to be sure my doggies are getting everything they need. Honestly, I think I overthink things way too much….my girls have shiny coats, sparkling teeth, and lots of energy, but I’d appreciate any advice anyways!

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    You might consider using a premix that contains the vits/minerals like CarnivoreRaw (comes with or without calcium). Other premixes are Urban Wolf, Grandma Lucy’s, Honest Kitchen and Sojo’s but these do not recommend adding bone, just muscle meat. Dr. Karen Becker has a recipe book with simple recipes but you will need to purchase some vitamins and grind them up to add to the food at serving time. You can make a batch of the vitamin mix that will last a while.

    Also, you might see if there are any raw feeding groups in your area. Several times a year, the one near me orders bulk from a few companies at less than retail, sometimes wholesale.

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    I feed prey model raw in ground form. I buy mostly from Hare Today, some from Reel Raw Dog, a little from a local co-op. It is meat/bone/organ & most have tripe. I use beef rib bones and pork ribs for dental health. I add salmon oil daily and eggs 3x a week. It is balanced just as if it was whole prey.

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    Jonathan S

    I have two recipes I use, but I feed half raw half kibble. They are as below. Measurements are not always exact…

    Lamb Recipe:
    2 lbs Ground bone in rabbit
    1 lbs ground lamb
    1 lb reconstituted lamb green tripe
    2 lbs chicken organs (hearts, gizzards, livers)
    2 large carrots
    1 container greens (green juju)
    1 lb of peas
    1 can organic pumpkin
    coconut oil

    Thanksgivingish Recipe:
    2 lbs ground duck necks
    2 lbs turkey organs
    2 lbs ground chicken backs or ground turkey necks
    butternut squash
    greens (green juju)
    ground fennel seeds
    ground hemp seed hearts
    1 can organic pumpkin or 1 cup Firm Up! with cranberry

    One thing I did to develop these recipes is I look carefully at the ratings on this site. If Dog Food Advisor praises a particular food for having a beneficial ingredient in it, you can bet that ingredient is going to find its way into my food.

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    Laura C

    Great, thanks for the replies. I think I will look into a premix. Also never thought to look into a raw feeding co-op!

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