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    for the purpose of teeth cleaning, how often should you feed raw bones to a large dog? would you need to start with a small piece and work up to avoid digestive issues?

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    In my experience, you can feed the harder bones (femurs, narrow bones, etc) once or twice a week. But you can add softer bones like chicken backs more often. I will warn you though, please supervise your dog with the harder bones, one of my larger dogs who is too enthusiastic about bones broke a canine tooth on one. She is only allowed softer bones now. But the rest of my dogs do great with raw bones.

    Two of my four dogs got sick when I introduced them to raw bones for the first time (I had never fed them raw before that) and the others adjusted just fine. I would pick up a few chicken/turkey necks and try giving your dog one of those first, or chop it up and give the dog a few pieces, they are small and that way the dog can get used to the raw a little bit at a time. Or give a raw bone for just a few minutes at a time. Hopefully this helps.

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    Sometimes it depends on the size of your dog. Large dogs can eat RMB with each meal along with additional muscle/organs, etc. My small dogs can get 3 RMB a week because it would be a whole days worth of food in just one duck neck and 3 RMB a week won’t upset their “balance”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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