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    I am currently fostering a 14-1/2-year-old toy poodle (Coco) who was dumped at a local rescue last week. He was matted terribly, he has a lot of teeth but all rotten, a little arthritis in his back and is underweight by about 2 pounds. Coco is actually in hospice care and will stay with me until his death. He is totally deaf, but sees fine and gets around fine.

    My question is what is a good soft food I can feed him (I’ve just been soaking kibble until soft as that’s all I have at the moment and I just got him 2 days ago).

    Also, he has anxiety issues when I go out the door. As soon as my door closes, he barks/whines. Can any recommend a natural product to help with his anxiety. As long as he can see me, he is okay. If he was a younger dog with hearing, I would train him for coming and going, but I don’t know how to do this with this old man.

    Thank you!

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    I recommend Fresh Pet. They carry a rolled food and a soft kibble that needs to be refrigerated. You can buy it at some grocery and pet supply stores. You are so awesome for taking Coco in. I don’t think I could do it. Best wishes to you and Coco.

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    Hi Lori- I second Crazy4cats and will also recommend just a high quality canned food as well.

    As far as natural calming aids go, I used Rescue Remedy for Pets when I moved and did a 31 hour car drive with my now deceased cat. He did really well with it and it was not a sedative and was recommended to me by his old vet. I got it at Whole Foods, however you can order it on Amazon too. If you decide to try it make sure you get the one made for pets, they have one for humans as well.

    GL to you and Coco. Glad that his last days (hopefully years) will be with a caring person. All dogs and animals in general deserve that!

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    Thanks for the recommendations. I have fostered dogs who go up for adoption, but Coco is the first hospice care dog for me. There are only 5 in the program right now. I thought a long time before volunteering for the hospice program because I wasn’t sure of all the unknowns and what to expect, but I chose to do this because the hospice dogs need love and a home too. He’s so sweet! I’ll try posting a picture from my other computer of him. I’ve never had a dog so tiny!

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