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    My 7lb yorkie is on Heartgard and every month it makes him sick. The smallest dose is up to 25lbs. My vet said just give him half. I am scared because when I rescued him at 2 he had heartworms. That was a nightmare. He’s 9 now and he’s just started getting sick a few days after his Heartgard. I am thinking about switching him to interceptor since they have a dose for 2 to 10 lb dogs. Some of you experts like BCNut and HDM what do you think. Have to give it year round because I live in Ga.

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    Do you remember Dori she had 3 little white dogs all girls, I think Maltese Terriers,
    the eldest girl had a lot of sensitivities & couldn’t take most flea, heartworm meds, Dori also lived in an area where mozzie where bad all year round…Dori found Sentinel Spectrum didn’t cause any side effects, with her 16 yr old sensitive girl..
    Google & see does Sentinel Spectrum have the same ingredients as the Heartgard has??
    Sentinel is safe to use with puppies from 6 weeks old as well as pregnant & lactating females, Sentinel might use different ingredients to the Heartgard…
    Good Luck

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    Hi weezerweeks-

    Heartgards active ingredient is Ivermectin. Try another brand that contains something like Moxidectin instead. Also I try to use an Ivermectin based HW preventative that does not also do worms. Heartgard Plus for example has some other ingredients for worms that you may also want to avoid.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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