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    Hey everyone-

    Have a question and looking for others input. English bulldogs are normally considered a large breed dog, and they are prone to hip issues-“Full size” is normally 45-65lbs or so-just short, cobby and heavy in a smaller package. Easy enough-feed as a large breed puppy.

    Opinions needed on this-What about mini English Bulldogs? These kids go typically 14 inches tall, and 26-45 lbs tops. These are AKC registered English bulldogs, that are bred to be smaller(purebred to purebred, smallest to smallest until a constant size is produced) So, the genetics are the same, the “package” is just smaller. Someone I know hit Santa over the head with a frying pan, and he coughed up a Christmas puppy, albeit belated, lol.

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    As best as I understand, there is no down side to feeding a puppy as a large breed. Controlled calcium is not bad for small or medium breeds. Slow steady growth is good for all puppies.

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    No input on diet except I don’t think I would consider it a large breed anymore since it’s mini, but mini bulldog sounds interesting!! One of my toy breed pugs is 30 lbs!! The 60 lb bulldog we fostered for 2 months didn’t get along here so we had to pass her along to another home 🙁

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    That’s sort of what I was thinking-Since the dogs full weight is going to be under 40 lbs “by design” it would no longer be considered a large breed, and the lower calcium etc would not come into play. I was thinking the Acana line would be fine, but wanted others opinions on whether or not they think the dog should be fed low cal/phos, or if it should not matter.

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    Just me, but these dogs have tons of stress on their joints because of their crooked legs. I would still want to pay close attention to calcium levels.

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