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    There are over 500 complaints in the last six months about dogs and cats getting sick and dying, or food being spoiled when new (bugs). Problem is that the complaints are all being made to a website called ConsumerAffairs.com. This is NOT a GOVERNMENT agency! They can post your complaint, but they will not initiate government action against Purina! So if you’ve had a problem with the food, go to the FDA.gov, click on the link for animals/veterinary, then post a complaint. You can also complain to the FTC.gov. Just make sure whatever website you go to (another is ConsumerProtection.CA.gov), that its an actual government agency. Many websites are very clever in making their address look official, but look for website names that follow with .gov, or .us.gov (or your state id.gov, like CA.gov for California). Post whever you can, but be sure the government is one of those postings!

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    I think everyone should go nuts posting this on Facebook. There are already a lot of complaints on the Beneful Facebook page. Dog owners and concerned people should be sharing this everywhere to see if we can all get to the bottom of it:


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