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    Ria L

    At ALDI I bought Pure Being Canned Food of the following varieties: Salmon & Potatoes, Beef & Chicken Recipe and Chicken & Vegetable Stew. Feeding my 12 year old Australien Kelpie I alternate daily with home cooked meals and canned food. About 3 weeks ago my dog had a bad diarrhea through the whole night after eating the Salmon & Potatoes. I went ahead with the normal feeding schedule. Mostly everything was ok., but 3 times after eating Pure Being canned food she got light diarrhea in the morning poop. She refused the Chicken & Vegetable Stew completely, so I fed her the Salmon & Potatoes instead. Everything seemed to be fine. But yesterday, after eating the Beef & Chicken, she had again a bad case of diarrhea again during the night.
    Now I wonder whether there could be something wrong with one batch of this brand? Salmonella, perhaps? Has anybody experienced the same thing? How can I find out? Except for the diarrhea my dog seems not to be sick or feeling unwell.
    If I just bring back the rest of the canned dog food to ALDI for a refund it would not help any other dog.
    Please give me an advise. Thank you.

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    Carmyn D

    I have fed this to my dog for about 6 months. But I give it to him as a topper essentially. My dog eats Victor senior formula or Iams Proactive. I mix 3 spoon fulls of pure being into the dry kibble and he likes it just fine. I only started doing this because back then I had to get my dog treated for heart worms and he had lost his appetite. My vet suggested giving him wet food. I chose Pure Being as it claims to not have artificial colors which can cause cancer.

    So far in almost 6 months he has had no diarrhea. The one time he did get diarrhea is when I gave him a cheaper brand of canned food.

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    Vickie S

    The problem could be caused by the change back and forth from the three different kinds of food I stick with one time the salmon and potato.
    I’ve been using this food for almost 2 years for my chocolate lab as well as my Yorkie poo without a problem. At this time the salmon and potato doesn’t seem to be available so I bought the chicken vegetable and I’m slowly mixing it with what I have left in order to introduce it gradually.
    I have been very happy with Aldi’s products

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    Connie C

    The very same thing just happened with our four dogs. I mixed it with dry lamb & rice that they had been eating for a long time. Two weeks ago I bought the pure Being Salmon & Potatoes Recipe after I had tried it about a month ago. Fed it to them and then all four have had repeated bouts with diahrreah and some bloody ones. They can’t seem to get over it. I liked the formula and ingredients so after it worked fine the first time I was excited. Then this happened and our big Lab has gotten so sick. Beginning to think also that there was some salmonella in this batch. I bought 15 cans and am taking the rest back. I love Aldi Products and think this was a random problem but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this recently?

    Any ideas on something to help them organically?

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    Ria L

    A friend told me to give my dog cottage cheese against the diarrhea, but since I didn’t buy the Pure Being Canned Food anymore I could not try whether it helps or not. So far my dog had never again diarrhea. I stick with home cooked meals and ground beef now, so I know what’s in it and what’s not. No chance for Salmonella again.

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