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    Hi, we have a 6 month border collie cross choc lab. He is far too skinny and I think it may be to do with his food. The food we feed him meets AAFCO levels. Ing: Wholegrain cereal & cereal by products (wheat and/or sorghum), Meat & meat by products (poultry, lamb & beef), Veg protein meals, Veg oil, essential vitamins & minerals etc. Protein 28%, Fat 12%, Fibre 4%, Salt 1%. Is this type of puppy food any good? It is quite cheap which is why we buy it. Our puppy seems healthy enough in himself but his ribcage and hind leags area are very skinny. He is going for his 3 month worming this week which could be an issueI suppose. He eats his own poo often and eats his food very very quickly also. We are feeding him slightly more than the recommended amount on the bag for an expected large adult dog! Any help would be appreciated.

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    In dog food you quite often get what you pay for. Personally, I would never feed that to my dogs, though I do know other Border Collie people who would feed that and think their dogs were doing just fine on it. The weight issue may be age, young BCs do tend toward the thin side, but the fact that it is combined with stool eating makes me think that your dog isn’t getting as much out of the food as you would like. As far as feeding directions go, they are only guidelines, and can’t take into account how active a young BC, or lab, can be. I personally would look for a different food, one that has a specific meat as the first ingredient or three, and a specific starch after that. I would not buy a food that had anonymous ingredients, ever. They signify that they are extremely low quality and change without notice, so you never know why your dog has diarrhea or what he is really eating.

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    Any updates, d1eng?

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    In my opinion anything with by products you shouldn’t feed. Tht is all the bad stuff. The beaks feathers tails what ever isn’t the clean skin of the animal.
    I understand how tryin to save money is a huge issue for everyone when it comes to dog food but if you feed the right food it can help later on in life as well as now by preventing the needs of adding extra supplements as well as your dog would be able to get the items she needs, preventing her from eating her own poop. I would recommend going to a feed store as there prices seems to be way lower than pet stores. Find a dog food as party said. Where the first 1-3 ingredients are a clean meat source whether it the full protein or in a meal state.
    Following by a full starch. I prefer sweet potatoes but it’s really not all that important. Grain free foods in my opinion are very beneficial for dogs
    That’s just my two cents
    Hope all is well

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