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    Thomas N

    Last fall we rescued a female miniature schnauzer that is approximately 4 years old. Our vet recommended a lower protein and lower fat diet. Of course she also recommended Royal Canin’s breed specific kibble for the miniature schnauzer. I will not feed her that food. Based on her recommendation for protein and fat levels and the fact that she may be allergic to chicken I currently feed Fromm Gold Coast Weight Reduction formula which is 25% protein and 10% fat. In researching nutrition for this breed there is not much commentary relating to lower protein and fat as being essential, just making sure that the food is a high quality. There was one site that did mention 21% protein.
    Does anyone here have experience with this breed that might suggest proper protein and fat levels and a recommendation for a specific food.

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    Hi Thomas-

    There is not much basis for breed specific nutrition, as not enough is known yet to determine if each individual breed has it’s own very specific nutritional requirements. At best these breed specific formulas are marketing to entice the owner (as is just about all the wording on the front of the bag is).

    Feed what she enjoys eating and what she does best on (e.g good stool, clean bill of health from the vet, healthy coat & skin, ideal weight etc etc). Let her tell you what is working for her and what is not.

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    My small breeds do well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea.

    I am tempted to try Orijen 6 fish…..but I can’t get beyond the price tag.

    Kibble by itself no matter how good the quality is boring by itself. I add a splash of water, a bit of scrambled egg, cooked chicken, lean meat…something to make it interesting.
    The kibble is just a base (imo)

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    The issue with mini schnauzers is that they are prone to pancreatitis, so vets recommend a lower fat food.

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