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    Is Stoneyfield organic yogurt with probiotics, health for dogs?

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    I hope so, I’ve been giving the plain kind to my Rat Terrier mix about 2-3 times/week! 🙂

    Basically I’m bumping this up so that I can find out too! 🙂

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    I’ve given it in the past w/no problems. I now add in Kefir which has more strains in it.

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    FreeholdHound, yeah, I have had no issues too, and I top with Kefir sometimes instead of the yoghurt.

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    Like with anything else, I like to rotate. I’ve used stoneybrook, chobani, and fage yogurt. I like the Greek style yogurts better because they have more protein than regular yogurt. I also like to use kefir because it has more strains of probiotics. The Lifeway brand makes and organic kefir that has 10 strains. I haven’t used any in awhile because Max doesn’t really care for the taste of yogurt or kefir. I’ve been using a human probiotic capsule from swanson’s (Dr. Langer’s I think) which works well.

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    cindy q

    I give my dogs fage, because that is what I eat and they love it.

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