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    Just wondering if anyone has heard any news stories about this particular food by Royal Canin causing puppies to die. They didn’t eat the food but were nursing from mothers who ate the food. It’s a food formulated specifically for nursing mothers. There have been several news reports here in Atlanta about breeders who have lost puppies. Here is a link to one story: I don’t use this food but I have one on Royal Canin Rx food.

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    WOW! I am so glad you posted this!! I recently spoke to rep from Royal Canine about this food and he told me the company was making changes on this formula I was actually thinking about using this food for my female yorkie. I have showed and raised Yorkies for over 25years and I have to say what to feed them that they will eat is a constant problem! Any suggestions from any other yorkie owners would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks again for the post

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    It doesn’t say it in the link I attached but on the actual news report, the breeder said when she talked to Royal Canin and asked about it they said there were not any recalls or ingredient problems but there had been some “packaging problems.” Interesting.

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    This has me very worried, I started feeding my dogs royal canin last fall I had just had a litter of puppies and put them on it. Just recently I’ve noticed they have been getting diarrhea frequently, nothing else has changed yesterday I made home made food for them and mixed it with the dry food and have already seen a improvement. I’m going to the vet on saturday to have their feces tested to make sure there isn’t something else going on, but besides a couple dog shows they havn’t even been anywhere else. Have you both stopped feeding the royal canin?

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    Cass R

    I was feeding mother dog baby petite
    I have just experienced 2 seperate litters with anasarca ( water babies)
    Ive asked the RC rep to get in touch with me on questions
    She said their RC reproduction vet will only speak to my reproduction vet. So I explained to the RC rep if you bought a car and the transmission went and you call the dealership and that dealership said that they will talk to a different dealership do you think you’re going to buy another car from them ? I have been breeding for 32 years I have 1% death ratio for this to happen two litters in a row with no answers being on the same food for almost 2 decades and no changes in the household I find it suspicious that Royal Canin will not speak with me directly I have recently switched my dogs off Royal Canin all together.
    Until I get better answers and as a consumer I do not like a company that avoids questions

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    Peggy B

    Please tell me what food you switched your dogs to. I am a newer yorkie lover and I only want the best for my babies.

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