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    Okay, so I’m inventing my own wholesome, super healthy dog treats (wheat, corn, and soy free as well!). I’ll be selling them at our local street market in a few months…

    I’ve never done any sort of business like this, so I’m clueless on how much to sell the treats for. The first batch I made is pumpkin flax flavored (with the benefits of ground flax, coconut oil, egg, oats, rice, and pumpkin. Drool drool!)… Costs about $3 for a batch, takes about 2-3hrs total, and makes around 60 treats (they’re about 1.5″ rounds)

    I was thinking I could sell 10 for $3, but I had other opinions say I should sell a bag for at least $6.

    I want to make maximum profit for sure (as I’m sure I’ll put a lot of work into it, plus the time I’ll spend at the market…), but I also want the price to be low enough that people will want to buy them.

    Any suggestions for price range and how many treats per bag?

    (I also made them into larger treats…maybe 2×4″ squares… Figured I could sell about 3-5 of them for the same price as 10 tiny treats?)

    Thanks for any ideas on price. =) Flavor suggestions are great too! So far I have (I’ve not made the recipes up yet…) the pumpkin-flax, green goodies (w kale, broccoli, and spinach), seasonal berry/fruit flavors (apple, blueberry, blackberry, pear, etc), peanut butter, banana-nut, and sweet potato. Maybe even I’ll try to make a meatball for those EXTRA carnivorous dogs out there…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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