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    Karen J

    While I’m trying to find a new food for Trixie – putting the Cranberry powder in anyghing all bets are off she won’t eat it (she loved the BB canned and now won’t even touch that).

    I need to find an alternate delivery system for the the Cranberry and Vit C – or she won’t eat. I finally added boiled chicken to the canned food by Merrick, a primo grain free brand she picked out chicken, smart little thing. She ate some but did she get the Cranberry?

    She does not wolf her food she eats it, chews it and tastes it.

    And the Orijen kibble, nope…won’t eat it. Even with Stella and Chewy on top. I have 2 more brands to try…I’m thinking don’t add the cranberry powder.

    Any tips on how to get her to drink more water?

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    Karen J,

    Keep in mind that “In healthy dogs, more than 50% of urine samples will contain
    struvite crystals without a bacterial urinary tract infection and without subsequent urolith formation ”

    Joe Bartges DVM PhD ACVIM ACVN

    Personally, if my dog had struvite crystals in the urine and infection was not present I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned.

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    Karen J

    Great information, I’m calming down. I’ll still stay grain free, and filtered water- supplements like cranberry and Vit C and be given hidden in a treat separately.

    Last year I lost a dog (a senior) but he was so sick and went through so much I just want to be cautious.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Karen, have you ever tried making up the cranberry or vit C with about 10-15ml water then putting it into syringe, I think they are called 20ml syringes you buy from chemist, in the past Ive had to use a syringe then just put in the side of her mouth & squirt slowley, its only about 10ml -15ml water so there’s not that much water..then give her her meal & she’ll probably eat to get the taste out of her mouth..
    I had to also use a syringe with just water when my dog was dehydrated & was’nt drinking water maybe thats how you can also give her some water thru the day..

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    Karen J

    Good idea thank you.

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    When my yorkie was diagnosed with sturvites without uti, I switched him to canned food that was low in carbs and even added water to this. My vet says that it makes the urine more alkalinity and with sturvites u need more acidity. I personally think water is the key. I could see the crystals when he tee tee and they looked like diamonds.since I’ve been using canned wellness stews, go fit foods like this that are below average in carbs we have been struvite free. Good luck.

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    The best way to get more water is to feed a raw, canned or dehydrated food. If you must feed dry, add some canned to it with water.

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