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    How and why do they work so well? They have terrible ingredients but you can’t buy them off the shelves unless you have a prescription through a licensed veterinarian. Why can’t you just buy them off the shelves? Why are they just as expensive and if not more then some of the best brands of dog food out on the shelves? Why do vet’s like mine try to push brands like Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin or Purina?

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    Vets probably see results when a dog or cat is sick when givin Prescription diets, so they like the prescription diets..I dont like my boy being on his Eukanuba Intestinal but it was & is the only kibble that has helped with his IBD, Pancreatitis & his seasonal itchy skin..but I’ve been adding Hoilistic Select kibble with his Eukanuba Intestinal.. I want to take him off his prescription diet fully but Im worried he’ll get real sick again & I can hear my vet telling me not to give him anything else for 1 year we need his bowel to heal, I thought, 1 year, Ive not listen to her & we ended up back at the vets last December…If your dog is getting better on the vet diet think of him & not what everyone is doing on this site, then slowly when summer is over slowley start & mix the vet diet with another good kibble & see if he starts having his health problems again..thats what Im doing, we are Autumn here in Australia & Patches skin is stable at the moment, no scratching no itchy ears, so Im going to increase the Holistic Select & see if his itch starts again fingers X..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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