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    Kathy M

    For dry dog foods, it is preferable to have beef meal/chicken meal/(or whatever animal source protein meal) rather than having beef/chicken/(or whatever animal source protein) because with meal the water has been removed from the meat so you are getting more meat when it is in meal form.

    Is the reverse true for potatoes? I assume potatoes have a significant amount of water too. So would “potato”/”pea” be preferable rather than “dried ground potato” or “pea meal” because there will be less potato/peas when its listed as a whole food vs. one in which the water has been removed?

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    Only a veterinary nutritionist could answer your question, lol.
    Even then, it would depend on what would be best for your dogs. your dogs
    I avoid potato altogether, it’s high carb and doesn’t agree with the dogs I have now.

    Zignature is a good kibble. I don’t know if it will meet your criteria. It contains no potato of any type.

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    You don’t need a vet to understand what those words mean and you obviously already know what they do mean Kathy. However it’s really irrelevant in my opinion. Find a food that has the first three or more ingredients as meat. Those will be the foods that are most likely superior. Also it kinda just depends on the dog. If you want to feed kim something like acana/Orijen and he does great on it then great. Those are some of the best most meat based foods you can buy. But maybe a little extra if your dog is sensitive. If he can’t handle rich stuff like that then maybe try fewer protein sources. You can still find a meat based food with a smaller amount of sources. This site also explain if the dog food that is rated is “meat based” or “plant based” at the bottom of the review. But yes if you see potatoes or peas as the second or third ingredient and maybe just “deboned chicken” as the first ingredient it’s fair to say it’s going to be a plant based food. Whether or not you’re ok with feeding it is really up to you and your dogs taste/tummy. 🙂 good luck

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    It also depends on if you’re looking for a food lower in ash. Foods with high amounts of meat meals can be higher in ash.

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    Per the Zignature website http://zignature.com/?page_id=12&lang=en

    Why is it important that Zignature® contains no potatoes?
    Potatoes have been identified as a high-glycemic carbohydrate for dog food. Zignature® only uses low glycemic carbohydrates such as whole Chickpeas, and garden Peas which also provide valuable soluble and insoluble fiber. For more details, visit the Glycemic Research institute at gripetfoods.com.

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