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    alberta H

    Hello we have a 13 year old 1/2 mini 1/2 regular dachshund. She has had several bouts of pancreatitis even though she has been on strict diets. We have tried several dog foods including those recommended by the vet. Has to be low fat and moderate protein. Finding a canned dog food that fits that is about wore me out. The vets last recommendation almost killed her with her worst bout yet. It was kibble with hydrolized protein. She nearly died. Then did an allergy test and found she is allergic severly to some of thing things int he past dog foods. Including, RICE, corn, venison, kangaroo. Chicken is just below 100 at 90 so that is close but could be used. The other things she is ok with low on the allergy list is pork and lamp but the fat content prevents that. So we are no searching for a homemade recipe but having difficulties since many of the home made recipes we see are with rice. So, is there anything anyone has come up with that could be used (hopefully a specific recipe) Low fat, moderate protein, no rice or corn. Thank you to anyone that can help. We are so desperate.

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    Have you checked out what Wysong has to offer?
    My senior small breed does well on Wysong senior (carried by
    They also have a prescription food:
    What about Nutrisca salmon and chickpea?

    The search engine here:
    I do not necessarily agree with all of the opinions provided.
    Hope this helps.

    PS: Is your vet an Internal Medicine Specialist? It makes a difference…

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    alberta H

    Hi thanks for the information! The one she could use comes out to be about 14% dry matter content for the fat still a bit too high. Checked the veterinarian ones and it showed they were 35% for the fat content. The Nutrisca is also 14% fat. So no go unfortunately. But thank you so much for your help!!

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    alberta H

    Oh yes it appears it will have to be a canned good or homemade food. The kibble even if soaked did not to well for her. thanks

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    Kristin C

    Have you looked at Zignature dry or canned food? Also, this might sound strange (but I feed my dogs raw), have you thought about feeding her pancreas? Like cures like philosophy. I tried it with heart and one of my dog’s heart murmur is almost gone. Just a thought, you could cook it and top her food.

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    alberta H

    Thanks Kristin C. I am contacting Zignature to try and find the dry matter content for their canned whitefish or turkey. Can’t determine that unless they post the moisture content and they don’t but I have e mailed them to get that information from them. We have thought about giving her pancreas enzymes and considering that now. We really thank you for your help and information!!!!!

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