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    Steven K

    I have a boxer rottweiller mix and he’s around 4 years old. He has had off and on allergies throughout the years and the vet has always told me just to give him some benadryl. The allergies seem to be consistent now and the benadryl doesn’t help so i’m thinking it might be in his food. I feed him purina one doge food, My other dog who is a 9 year old yellow lab doesn’t seem to have any problem with the food. I am looking into the Acana dry food, any other ideas are very much appreciated!

    Symptoms: excessive itching on body and ears
    – scratching of nose
    – licking lips
    – runny eyes

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    Hi Steven, licking lips can mean he’s feeling sick, food intolerances can cause nausea sometimes…. try & find a diet that has just 1 protein & 1 carb, a protein that he hasn’t eaten before… there’s the “California Natural” Lamb & Rice with just 4 ingredients, its good to start with.. maybe with licking lips, stick with a diet where the fat isn’t too high around 10%-12% fat, if you need more info join this Face Book group Called “Dog Allergy International Group” look in the files there’s a heap of limited ingredient foods with their links, medicated shampoos, Salvia & Hair testing kits etc..

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    Most allergies are environmental and get worse with age not better. My dog started treatment at age 4. Two years later she is stable and only needs the immunotherapy about once a month. Her specialist/dermatologist who we just saw, she only sees him once a year and he always returns phone calls, says her hair and skin look beautiful!

    I went through it with my dog, spent all kinds of money on different dog foods, shampoos, dehumidifier, air purifier etc. Went back and forth to the regular vet and got incorrect information.
    Nothing worked till I took her to see a specialist/dermatologist and had the skin testing done and she responded to immunotherapy, gradually showed improvement.
    Initially, the testing can be expensive, but the maintenance is not bad.

    I hope you will click on my screen name, replies created and read the posts related to allergies, I have made many recommendations and have included some good articles.

    Example: I would suggest that you make an appointment with a specialist/dermatologist.

    Or consider consulting a homeopath http://www.vitalanimal.com http://theavh.org/

    I would be leery of any saliva kits or any mail-in test that doesn’t require a physical examination by a veterinarian /forums/topic/nutriscan-results-suggestions/


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