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    Ok we adopted a 3yr old border collie/ mutt ?? About 7 weeks ago…she was on cheapo Walmart food and we weened her onto TOTW Bson and Venison…her stool was very soft and three times a day…we figured it may be the hi protein and the egg in it so we switched her to the lamb which is lower protein and no egg…
    Stool is MUCH better firmer but she still goes 3 times a day which seems excessive. She eats two cups a day of food fed once in the morning…I do give her MilkBone healthy granola biscuts but I break them up in small pcs and use as a treat…so she only gets about 2 whole bones a day and they are pretty small…
    Thoughts ?

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    Hi cvcman
    Usually dogs get smaller firmer stools on high protein foods, but if they aren’t used to high protein, it can take a while for their bodies to adjust. Using a digestive supplement that has probiotic and digestive enzymes is a great way to help them adjust more quickly. A human one from the health food store is perfectly fine for dogs.

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    Thx Patty…This food IS lower proteing and does have acidophlis in it too..I think her stool was a soft mess on the higher protein Bison type…This is supposed to be good food so im surprised at the amount of waste…
    She gets TONS of exercise everyday…running 5 miles with me swiming etc so im not sure if that adds to the mix or even if its the biscuts I give her…We are going to cook up a chicken breast and use that meat as a treat instead of the biscuts for awhile…

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