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    Any advice on how to stop poop eating. My dog snacks on both his and my other dog’s poop. I’ve tried giving both dogs Well & Good Coprophgia for Dogs, purchased at PetCo. It’s not clear to me whether it might be helping to cut down a little on the poop eating. But it’s certainly not cutting it out completely, and it’s an expensive remedy. I’m wondering if there’s a recipe out there that I can concoct myself. Of course a partial remedy is to clean up the poop from the yard as soon as it’s laid down, but that’s not always feasible. Ideas?

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    Follow the dog around when he is due for a bowel movement. Scoop and discard immediately. Out of sight, out of mind. After a while they stop turning around to look for it.
    You cannot leave these dogs alone with their feces.
    The supplements don’t work. They are expensive and you would have to treat every dog in the household.
    Do not free feed, if you feed twice a day it will be easier to predict when they will have a bowel movement.

    Per the search engine here: /forums/search/coprophagia/

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    Lisa O

    Try making the poop unappetizing/unappealing to them by adding few drops hot sauce on it right after they do thier business. I have had this issue before with one of the dogs I was fostering. Sometimes he turned nose up at it but short of that, best to pick up poop asap.

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    JILL N

    Believe it or not, I used the stern “you’ve been a bad boy” voice immediately after our GSD came in from the yard with poop breath (yuck!). Took about a week for him to make the connection, but he’s a smart boy and doesn’t like to be fussed at. The trick is you have to be right at the door waiting for him/her and willing to smell breath EVERY time. First, reward with a small treat and praise every time he/she comes in from the yard with fresh breath. Make this a big, special moment with lots of petting and “good boy/girl!” talk. Then, on the occasions when he/she comes in from the yard after eating the poop, use the stern voice featuring the word “poop” in your sentence. Example, “bad/boy/girl. No poop!” (always say exactly the same thing). Immediately after scolding send him/her to bed or isolate from the family pack for a few long minutes. This worked for me. Our Titan hasn’t eaten poop in 4 months. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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