Please Help! 10 yr old Old English Sheepdog Chronic Bronchitis

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    Nancy R

    Please Help. I have a 10 yr old Old English Sheepdog that this spring started coughing but nothing come up. Sometimes he throws up, but nothing comes out. I took him to the Vet because it went from once in a while to everyday. Vet did blood work for heart worms, took an X-Ray, and said he may look and act like a pup, but he has old man lungs. He said he had Chronic Bronchitis and arthritis in his upper spine too.
    I love this dog more than anything, my home was broken into 1 month ago and he heard the garage door go up and became a crazy animal. He chased 2 men out of the house and into there truck. My neighbor saw him run them out. While Archie was bouncing up and down while doing a different growl than I have ever heard. Once I got him back in the house, my unless Security Company was still on the intercom saying do you want us to call the police.
    I live in WV, and I have deer that sleep in my back yard. The loves to chase them, but funny thing that is the only time I have seen him do his bounce up and down bark. But a must different bark at the deer. He warns them he is there. Then when they run he runs after them.
    He just in a month has progressed of a cough a day to he has had 3 episodes today. What has happen. I changed Dog Food from Taste of the Wild ( because in the last year the price has dropped almost $15.00. So something had to change about there product) he has been on Orijen for the last 5 months.
    I Have done research and it says they need Antioxidants. How do I do that? Supplements? This dog is the Love of my life. What has happened? What can I do? Please help?

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    Is he on medication? I would go back to the vet that knows the dog’s history and make sure everything is being done to keep him as comfortable as possible.
    Sorry, I don’t have much faith in supplements, but see what your vet advises.
    He is a senior and has some serious health conditions so I would focus on care and comfort vs aggressive treatment.

    This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.

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    Kathy B

    I wish I had some advice for you unfortunately I don’t. Our OES is 11 years old and is the love of our lives. It is very difficult to see her decline in health but I do keep contact with our Vet to make sure she is getting everything she needs to give her the best quality of life possible. They have given her Metacam to help with her arthritis and Tramadol to help with the pain. She also has to take Proin because she has a tendency to “leak”. Our vet offers a blood work up for a senior dogs and although it gave us a hint of her health it didn’t help in finding that magic pill that makes her 5 years younger.

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