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    Anyone have an opinion on Greenies Pill Pockets. I use them to feed my dogs their Lipiderm supps. I try to stay grain free with all the food products I use but haven’t found an alternative for these.

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    I’ve used them before for an epilepsy dog that was hard to pill. They have some ingredients that I would rather not use and if I knew then what I know now, I especially wouldn’t use them for a dog with epilepsy. Now I use braunschweiger(a soft liver sausage), soft cheese, a ball of raw ground beef, peanutbutter, a spoonful of yogurt, anything like that. I heard from someone the other day that they use a spoonful of honey.

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    I’ve used them, too. They do work for my picky, picky mixed breed who won’t take anything! Sometimes she won’t even take a biscuit brand that she’s eaten many times before! Anyway, I stopped using them now and I use cheese. Another favorite is coconut oil….but you have to pill quickly or it’ll melt in your hand lol.

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    They have an allergy free one that is duck and pea and they smell horrid. It is the only way I can get my girls to take their meds right now. I don’t give a whole one but just break off enough to mold it around a pill.

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    I’m glad you don’t give a whole one. Those things are high in fat.

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    Mark S

    Could you please elaborate on the negative effects of the ingredients in Greenies pill pockets. I have border collies that have had seizures, and have been using the pill pockets to give them their medications. Please let me know…

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    Rehydrated chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, dried corn syrup, dried cultured skim milk, natural flavors, sodium bisulfate, natural chicken bouillon flavor, hickory smoke flavor, xanthan gum, preserved with mixed tocopherols

    I don’t see anything that I would be concerned about in small amounts. If it’s working I wouldn’t change anything.

    I have to bury my dog’s pill in soft canned food (small amount) and observe for at least 10 minutes in case she decides to cough it up.
    PS: I see those pill pockets being sold at my vet’s office, don’t think they would do so if there were negative reports.

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    Another trick, bury the pill in soft butter or smart balance (whatever you use) just a quarter size lump or smaller. Works like a charm every time 🙂

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    joanne l

    What works great is liverwurst, human grade. Just get a little and make a ball and mold the pill in it. Dogs love liverwurst.
    You can get it at any supermarket in the deli area. You don’t need a lot.

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