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    michelle e

    Hi I am not sure where to post this. We have an adopted Chiweenie that is 7 mo old now and 5.5 lbs up from 4.5 when we got him in Dec 2013. He is very finicky and getting him to eat is becoming a game. Anyway, he will eat Stella & chewys chicken if the cat is sitting waiting to gobble it up, but I dont know if he needs a kibble too. He will eat a couple pieces of Blue puppy kibble and will gobble up tbe Blue cat crunchies if he can sneak to get them. Is there a puppy kibble that Iis as tasty as the cat crunchies? I would like to find a kibble he likes as much as that. Already tried The honest kitchen, Wellness, Artemis, and the petsmart brand I forget the name now. Likes cooked chicken but I dont give him that often and peanut butter is his fav treat flavor…. oh forgot to say he likes the Stella and chewys salmon and cod treats too. Wish there was a daily food thst was so tasty. Thank you for suggestions.

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    So I have been feeding Primal to my two Labs. The pup, who is 7 months old, is not your typical Lab eater. He eat somewhat gingerly and does not scarf down his food. He is a healthy, active, 7 month old puppy. Lately, he has decided he does not like his Primal. I give him an assortment of proteins and he eats twice a day. He will eat it if I offer it to him by hand – I don’t want to create a monster here 🙂 Was thinking of trying him on Darwin – Any suggestions. BTY – I do add a few pumps of Salmon Oil to their food as well as a sprinkle of Missing Link. Thanks!!

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