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    has anyone used this yet–teddy s on blue but the ingredients here are basically the same and just about half price—blue==2.50 to 3.00—whole==1.79–

    im talking canned–
    please advise anyone–joe t

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    joanne l

    No, I didn’t try it yet, I want to try this because I like that they have a beef formula with no other meat protein. But I want to know where their ingredients are coming from.

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    Kyle H

    The packaging says that it’s made in the US with globally sources ingredients. Petco doesn’t sell any foods with meat sourced from China, so I know that at least nothing is coming from there. I’m going to call customer service tomorrow and see if they can give me any other details about where they are sourcing their ingredients. It is similar pricing with Under the Sun and Whole Earth Farms, so it could be made by Merrick or Canidae; the fish formula has the same ingredients as Drs Foster and Smith dog food. (Petco is keeping the actual maker of the food a secret; the label says that it’s just distributed by them… but Natural Balance doesn’t say who makes their food either, so I’m not totally concerned.)

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    joanne l

    Thank you Kyle, for the info…I called and they said drs foster and smith makes it. But she spoke with an accent so double check I don’t want to give anyone wrong info.
    On another note does anyone know of a dog food with beef and grains in it, I like some grains in my dogs diet. The theory of dogs eating grain free dog food because it is closer to their diet holds no water b/c wolfs don’t eat peas, lentils, chickpeas either. As far as allergies go most dogs are allergic to the protein not the grain. Just wanted to share that.

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    Sandy C

    Joanne, I’m not sure who misinformed you that dogs are only allergic to the grain. I hope I’m not too late to respond. As you know dogs are descendant from wolves, coyotes, etc… and what do they mostly eat? Animals and animals are protein. Dogs are more than likely to be allergic to grains than they are to protein. I work as a sales consultant at a pet store and have helped multiple customers about their pet needs. Almost every dog is allergic to grains and Chicken because it is one of the most common ingredient. Nowadays, dogs especially bully breeds are prone to getting allergies towards the food so its always best to rotate the protein not just for allergy reasons, but it also alleviates a picky dog and wean them off of the food and give them more variety because sometimes the company can go out of business, the product can be recalled, or discontinued. Rotational feeding is always best and you can consult with your vet but everyone vet is entitled to their own opinion and may mislead you.

    The best optimal food is raw food. Remember dogs are not children/human. They are animals and yes they can eat raw. What do you think wolves eat? Grains or Meat?

    My dog is allergic to grains and so are some of my customers dog. High starchy diets can also cause ear affection because its a sugar content and that sugar can also cause yeast infection which is why if you have an yeast infection you can’t eat too much sugar content.

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    Hi Sandy,

    I think you’ve miss understood Joannes post..

    Joanne means the protein in the Grain is what dogs reacts too, Potato has Protein, Lentils have protein, Barley, Sorghum, Oats, Rice all have protein & this is what the dog reacts too = “Food Sensitivities”

    “Food Sensitivities” can cause sloppy poos, nausea, vomiting, yeasty smelly ears, paws, skin, anal gland problems, rubbing bum on ground…
    Do elimination food diet work out what ingredients the dog is sensitive too & stop these ingredients & yeasty smelly paws, ears, skin, sloppy poos etc all goes away…

    Protein Content in Gluten-Free Grains
    Amaranth – 28.1 grams.
    Oats – 26.3 grams.
    Teff – 25.7 grams.
    Quinoa – 24 grams.
    Wild Rice – 23.6 grams.
    Buckwheat – 22.5 grams.
    Millet – 22 grams.
    Sorghum – 21.7 grams.
    Broccoli: Measuring by calories, broccoli has more protein than beef…

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    Christie B

    I think Joanne meant that dogs tend to be allergic to the animal protein and not the grains. And that grain free foods use grain substitutes like legumes and potatoes, which are also foods wolves typically wouldn’t eat.

    Although some dogs can display intolerance to anything in their food, including grains.

    I know my dog doesn’t do well with lentils, chickpeas, or peas if they’re listed too high on the ingredients list.

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