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    linda b

    hello: does anyone on here know what is the best pet insurance in Canada? is there one that will give you a discount if you have two animals? I have a dog and a cat. just wondering.

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    Charlie D

    I would also like to know about pet insurance. I’m located in New Mexico, and have multiple cats and dogs. It would help to know about insurance that might help with medical problems without costing an arm and a leg. Thanks.

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    Hi Guys-
    I also have multiple pets and looked in to insurance. I found that all of them would at least cost an arm and most likely a leg too! Lol! And then, a lot still charged a deductible and had limited coverage depending on what the vet visit was for. I personally think it is just better to put the money aside in a pet account to have available if necessary. Good luck!

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    I also looked into it and didn’t find it to be cost effective as I have more than one dog.

    It might be a good idea for a first time pet owner or someone with just one pet.
    It’s a crapshoot, sometimes you have a dog that has no health issues for their entire life span.
    But often there is at least one medical emergency or condition that pops up…it would be helpful then to have insurance.

    It depends on what you can afford (it tends to be pricey) and what the pet owner is comfortable with.
    Ask your vet about it.

    PS: I heard that you have to file claims to get reimbursed. You have to pay the vet bill in full first.
    And yes, the deductibles, depending on your plan.

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    Jackie B

    I have Trupanion pet insurance. It doesn’t cover routine visits, and there is a per-condition deductible. So, I chose the deductible that I felt I could afford in an emergency. You do pay your vet up front and then submit the claim for reimbursement. On a bill of about $1,200 for my older poodle falling off the garden wall and wrenching his hip (we thought at first he had snapped a tendon, luckily it wasn’t that bad), I was reimbursed $550. My deductible was $600, but some part of the bill was excluded from coverage. (Side note, he fell off that wall after living in that house 14 months with NO issues. 2 weeks before we move, he falls off the wall. Good grief.).

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    Raffy W

    most of the Pet insurance providers won’t insure any pre-existing conditions your pet has. On most policies, routine treatments such as vaccination and neutering won’t be covered. Reviewing and comparing pet insurance plans lets you find the one that best fits your needs and your budget.

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    I’ve been looking into it myself but it’s still not that enticing for me. I’d just want it for emergencies but would want a lower deductible (something lower than $500) and the lower you go the higher your monthly payment. In the end would I have paid more for his insurance by the time he has a medical issue? Would his medical issue even be covered? One thing that gets me is having to still pay the cost upfront and then get reimbursed. I don’t have $1200 laying around to throw down and wait to be reimbursed. BUT on the other hand if it did happen and I HAD to pay that $1200 at least I would be reimbursed after my deductible. There are SO many things to think of and I guess I just haven’t made up my mind, my dog is three and we’ve been to the ER once due to a dog fight that cost me nearly $500, lucky it was just small sedation, wound cleaning, and some sutures.

    There are TONS of website to go to and look at if you type in pet insurance into Google.

    It would be nice if more people chimed in that maybe had pet insurance and used it that would let us know the company they used and how well they were to deal with.

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    Laura L

    I recently got insurance for my puppy and my 13 year old lab mix through Pet Plan. They do not cover pre existing conditions but i decided to go with it after last year when my dog (now deceased) had 2 bouts of pancreatitis and. Lymphoma and I did not have insurance. It was very expensive treating these issues so when I got my puppy I decided to insure them the puppy and my remaining old girl.The puppy’s premium is only around 20 dollars per month, and my old girl is much more expensive. Since I got the insurance my older has needed surgery and also had a shoulder injury so the insurance has paid for itself. When looking for an insurance company I looked for one that covers alternative therapies, medication and emergencies. I have a 200 dollar deductible per incident and then they cover 80%. My vet is great and they bill the insurance company and then I pay whatever balance .there is after they are reimbursed. There was a form I had to sign giving the insurance company permission to pay them directly. I really debated wether it was worth doing but then decided I never wanted finances to be part of a big decision on treatment for my girls. I did not go with a company that pays for preventive treatment such as vaccinations, exam etc.

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    I’ve never had insurance. I know some people who had it but since you have to pay upfront then submit to be reimbursed, two of them had to put their dogs down (they apparently didn’t read the fine print & didn’t realize you have to pay first).

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    Michael F

    I have insurance through petsbest, My deductible is only $50 and I have two young dogs and the premiums started out at $40 per month, I have had issues with each dog, one ended up with lymes disease and the bills were over $3000 of which the insurance covered 80 percent and my other dog has had issues as well, $980 dollars of tests and ultrasound the other day and I’ll get 80 percent of 930 back, plus if you have to go to an emergency vet the bill is always over $250 in my area and you get 80 percent of that back, so for me the insurance has paid for itself, I didn’t take the policy that covers vaccines and dental because then you put out so much in premiums you might as well pay for the vaccines and dental yourself. Having the policy gives me piece of mind and if something is going on with the dogs that bothers me, I’m don’t have to worry about going to emergency vet and where the money is going to come from. There are a lot of companies out there to choose from and I think it’s a great thing for pet owners with high cost of vet bills these days.

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    Julie P

    I also have Trupanion. If I had to start over again I would never choose this company. Because of my dog’s breed and size I pay 40.00 per month with a 1000.00 deductible. My GSD has Pannus of the eye now. He needs eye drops daily. The costs of the drops are about 45.00 per 5 ml bottle. Very expensive. But Good RX brings the price down to under 20.00 per bottle. So about 280.00 per year for eye drops. This means after 3.6 years of paying for eye drops the plan might kick in and that’s on top of continuing to pay them 40.00 per month. And if you can get through the team of underwriters who get paid to deny your claim. I almost canceled once buy was only like a month away from the 18 month or however long it is they make you wait with no incidences. Even though they lead you to believe the waiting period is shorter. Maybe they changed their website now to be more honest. And you have to give your dog untold number of vaccines even though some of them are not proven save or effective. My experience with this company is that I just imagine a CEO that has a million plus mansion somewhere in Washington state, pays an ex wife big support payments, huge company Christmas parties, and the list goes on. You are just better off putting 40.00 in a savings every month. But like most Americans that gets chewed up quick on something else. Used to be you had a dog. Now you get to choose, have a dog, or put your child through college, or retire, etc. But we love our dogs. Hopefully I will not have to use the insurance. My dog is 7 now. I might change my mind if I ever need to actually use it and they actually pay off. But that would mean my dog was ill.

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