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    Ally Kloes

    The pedigree large Adult formula said that It’s supposed to help with tartar and Digestive health. It actually made tartar form on my dog’s teeth and my dog diddn’t poop for a week.
    Whatever it says, it said it had real meat in it. i looked at the nutrition label and it says beef and corn meal. Doe’s it work with your dog or is it something special with my dog i can’t explain in my own words

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    I don’t think anyone here feeds Pedigree.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Ally –

    With the possible exception of prescription kibble formulas designed to support dental health, a kibble claiming to fight tarter is really a marketing gimick. Imagine if your dentist told you that if you ate croutons daily you’d have nice teeth and could quit brushing and flossing – if my dentist did that I’d tell him he’s nuts! There are many dental products on the market such as gels, sprays, some specially designed dental chews and raw meaty bones that may aid in supporting dental health to a certain degree. However, the only way to achieve optimal dental health is if you brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Many dog owners don’t realize the importance of oral health or realize that dogs require that their teeth are brushed regularly (just like humans!). The good news is it’s never too late to start!

    Here’s a good article to get you started:

    If your dog is having issues with Pedigree you may also want to check out some other foods. Some foods I know of that many people seem to like that are comparable in price to Pedigree are 4Health (sold at Tractor Supply), Pure Balance (sold at Walmart), Rachel Ray (sold at Walmart and most grocery stores), Whole Earth Farms (sold at Petco and many pet specialty stores), Eagle Pack (sold at many pet specialty stores), Authority (sold at Petsmart) and Victor (sold at many feed stores).

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    Hi Ally,

    Pedigree doesn’t have a very good reputation. It actually contains a lot of ingredients that many believe are unhealthy, myself included. I try to feed my dogs foods that contain ingredients, every one of which, are healthful. Corn is a filler ingredient that doesn’t deliver much nutritional value, unless very highly processed; and our goal should be to eat foods that have undergone minimal processing.

    Did you happen to read the Pedigree product review: /?s=Pedigree

    It’s a myth that kibble cleans teeth. The only way to really clean teeth is to scrape off the tartar manually with a toothbrush or even to feex your dog some occasional raw, meaty bones.

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    Danni D

    Ugh…if you can get your dog off of the Pedigree.
    It’s just not good for them.
    I can vouch for Pure Balance, I rotate that in my Rottie’s diet, he also gets raw, freshpet and canned. I change his kibble every bag though. But he has done well on it.
    Here is a controversial one to some but I have had great luck and health- Diamond Naturals not the plain cheaper Diamond. I fed my last rot this food for 15 years along with Raw and he did fine- it is also in my current rotation. It is not a bad food but Diamond has had a history of recalls. Many other Pet food makers have had recalls. Many are skiddish about Diamond because of this but it’s not a bad food. They make many other brands as well.
    You can get Diamond Naturals of all kinds for great prices at Menards.
    I wish I could tell you about 4health but living where I live we don’t have many feed stores. I do want to try it though as well as Eagle Pack.
    Victor is a great food for my Rot, he likes it. My Pom got sick on it but he has a sensitive belly- kibble doesn’t sit well.
    I bought Authority once and found maggots so ugh…not one I would feed but I know many do.

    Hey Betsy- if you don’t mind little hijack- where do you get raw meaty bones? Butcher?

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    A local butcher or even grocery store ares great places to start. Just remember to avoid weight bearing bones. Depending on the size of your dog, something like a turkey neck for a larger dog is a good RMB or a chicken neck for a small dog. I’ve also ordered a lot of nice consumable bones from

    Here’s a thread with some more information about RMBs: /forums/topic/vegetarian-owner-new-to-feeding-raw-bones-advice-please/

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