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    Howard C

    Is anyone aware of a high quality grain free dry food that does NOT contain peas or pea fiber. I have a Golden that seems to be sensitive to these ingredients.

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    Are you against feeding grain inclusive foods? That could be a good option if you aren’t.

    This is what my dog eats and its grain inclusive, but no peas or pea fiber: /dog-food-reviews/fromm-dog-food-gold-nutritionals-dry/

    a lot of grain-free foods use peas as the carb source in replacement for grains.

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    Wysong Epigen formulas are pea free and high quality. If you want to consider dehydrated, Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy’s have pea free varieties.

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    Hi, there’s “Earthborn Holistic” Natural Ocean Fusion, no peas, no tomato pomace & no probiotics…. http://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/us/dog_formulas/ocean_fusion/
    My boy gets real bad wind & farts when he eats a kibble peas…

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    I switched Maggie (my Coonhound) to Farmina because I suspected peas and/or lentils were causing her itching and severe dandruff. After one bag, these problems stopped.

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    Coonhound Dad! 🙂
    Glad to see another Coonhound parent on here. Curious as to what kind of Coonhound Maggie is and how long the pea-related carbohydrate problem went on before you solved the issue. We’ve got a rather itchy (no dandruff or any kind of large-scale discomfort) Bluetick and Treeing Walker mix who eats a partial raw and partial kibble diet (kibble containing pea protein).

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    Hi Coonhound Mama,


    Maggie is a Black and Tan Coonhound who is now about 7 years old. She’s had itching problems since we got her at the Amador County Animal Shelter 6 years ago and am not sure if it’s caused by food or airborne allergies. I tried a food without Lentils or Peas a while back and it seemed to help. Then, I switched her to a food that has chicken in it without lentils or peas and the itching started up again so I’m going to try once again a food without lentils, peas, or chicken and see how that goes. Good luck with your friend.

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