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    Has anyone ever heard of this brand – “Paramount”? A friend found it in a liquidation store, it claims to be grain-free and is only $6 per 15lb/bag. I can’t find any info on it, it says “Made in USA” on the bag but I’m wondering if its some foreign garbage.

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    I buy Paramount dog food at our local Walmart. I have a 17 ear old dog and it is getting hard to find food she will eat but she likes the Paramount brand

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    I too saw the Paramount brand at Walmart and noticed they have a grain free variety. Since I had never heard of this brand decided to do a little searching. It is owned by USPet which you can find doing an internet search. I emailed the company to ask where their ingredients come from just to make sure it’s not China. This is what they wrote back:

    “Thank you for contacting USPet Nutrition about our Paramount ingredients.

    Paramount is made with US sourced ingredients with the exception of a portion of the vitamins and minerals that are added to the food to be sure it provides 100% of a dog’s nutritional requirements. Some of the vitamins and minerals are not available domestically so we source them from qualified suppliers outside of the US. Components of the vitamin and minerals are sourced from either Asia or Europe. These ingredients make up less than 1% of the formula and are tested on a regular basis to ensure quality specifications are met.”

    Since there have been no reviews for this product I’m still not sure if I should let my small breed adult companion try it. If anyone else has tried it and has the analysis for it I would really love to hear from you.

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    westfinn, I use Paramount brand dog food for my dogs and they love it. I first found it at the locate Salvage store and was getting it the very cheap but they ran out of the food and now I and try to find it. Some people said they seen it at the Walmart but I checked and my local Walmart and check Walmart online but don’t see it in either place. I would really like to find out where I can get this Dog food for my dogs.

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    I bought a can of the Paramount chicken/turkey flavor at the local Harris Teeter in Cary, NC yesterday. It was the anniversary of my rescue schnauzer’s adoption and I didn’t have time to go to the pet store. He loved it. It even looked and smelled good in the can. I will try to find out more about the ingredients and post again here. Usually I give him canned Natural Balance or Wellness, but he seemed to like Paramiunt equally well.

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    I found Paramount at our liquidation store as well (it was 5$ for only 4lb though). It was the grain free variety… The grain-full stuff is garbage. Even the GF isn’t the greatest quality, but hey! Impossible to beat the price! I doubt I’ll get it anytime soon again (mainly b/c the store probably doesn’t have it anymore. It also was starting to make my senior lab smell bad again. She’s suffered with skin problems and awful odor her whole life).

    I emailed this website about doing a review on it. (I’m super curious too what rating they’ll give it). They said it’s on their to-do list, so who knows how long it’ll be until they can fit in th review for it…

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