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    Danielle W

    Can anyone who has experience with these two puppy foods give me some feedback on how they compare and how your pups have done on them?? Both are super high rated pup foods and I’m planning to put the chocolate Lab pup I’m getting next week on one of these two foods. Any advice is much appreciated!

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    Both brands are really good. If you head over to the canine nutrition forum, and look at large and giant breed puppy food, Hound Dog Mom has a lot of really good links to LGP nutrition articles. On page 35 or 36 she has a list of 4-5 star foods that fall into the acceptable calcium and nutrition levels for a large breed pup. I believe Orijen didn’t actually fall into the acceptable levels, so I’d lean Wellness CORE. Double check the list though, it’s quite useful. I suggest picking 3-5 foods and rotating, and try to get different protein sources. Start with a bag of whatever the breeder was on though, too much change in that first week can be tough on the pup.

    All of this is just from my reading, I haven’t had a large breed puppy in…18 years? A while at least 🙂

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    Hi Danielle-

    Congrats on your new pup! Lab puppies can be a handful that’s for sure. Just remember a typical lab will try to chew and eat just about anything. I have two of them!

    Below are two links that I just shared with someone on another thread with the same question:


    Sounds like you are on the right track! Good luck!

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    Susan C


    I raised my Golden Retriever puppy on Orijen LB Puppy, and I can tell you that he grew slowly and exactly as he should, according to my vet. His father weighs 75 lbs. My puppy just barely reached 65 lbs at 1 year. His head started showing heavier bone & a more mature look at 12 months and now he’s 13 months and his chest is just starting to grow wider. Orijen LBP is made of whole foods, not added nutrients. They seem to have been absorbed at the rate he needed them.

    Adding: And I can also tell you that he’s never been short on energy, despite his low carb diet. He’s a high-energy, active dog.

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