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    Katherine H

    We just started our 10-month old Bedlington Terrier on Orijen Original. He was on Fromm before and doing fine. He was fine when we were mixing the two together but now the switch is complete and he has diarrhea. We will take him to the vet tomorrow to check his stools for virus or anything else but in the meantime want to know if the all protein formula could be responsible.

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    Your dog is intolerant to one or more ingredients in Orijen. Stop feeding that food immediately, diarrhea causes instant and severe dehydration. Your dog is allergic to chicken or other proteins. Get allergy test done.

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    John L

    We had the same issue with our two lab mixes and Orijen. It wasn’t an allergy or anything so extreme, just too much protein. We switched them to Acana (a bit higher carb and less protein) and they have been fine ever since. I thought of the allergy thing at the time but they have had no issues with chicken or any other proteins. In fact some of the Acana selections we’ve fed include several meat and fish proteins in the same kibble. Do have the vet check them out, but keep trying different foods until you find one they will eat and they produce proper stools on. Another tip – measure food by grams with a kitchen scale, not by the terribly inaccurate “cups”! You want them to get the recommended amounts of the kibble.

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    Katherine H

    Thanks John L. I was thinking it might be too much protein and we should maybe go back to Fromm which he was doing fine on and our previous dog did fine on. I know it is not considered as good and some people have had trouble with it but it worked for us.

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    John L

    We were doing the same with our two, trying some of the top brands to give them the best we could. Besides the Orijen issue they wouldn’t touch Merrick, did like Nulo, and we had mixed results with some others. Being Acana is made by the same company as Orijen we’re pretty confident it was a good choice and they devour it.

    We lost our almost 13 yo lab a year ago in August. She had been on Blue Buffalo for the last few years and did very well on it, but they had some issues in recent years so we looked elsewhere this time.

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    Kristin F

    Can simply be that you are feeding too much. Try cutting the amount down

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    FYI I had shared on my thread that I had heard some bad opinions recently on Orijen. (my thread is: Weight issue for Shih tzu Bella switching from Orijen to what?? Help please).

    DFA says they don’t change any info on Orijen until FDA says something…here’s the copy below of one the posts I saw:

    “I saw a few posts about the Orijen USA production vs Canadian production, and also this one around Feb/March entitled Orijen USA : “…I am disappointed to see that Orijen is still on the Editor’s Pick of this website. I actually subscribed when i got overwhelmed with my search for a kibble to replace Orijen which I have been feeding my Golden for 6 years. Origen has definitely changed their ingredients (to inferior quality), and have admitted as much. The color and smell is different, and our Golden’s stomach has been irritated by it…”

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    Jessica S

    I’ve been feeding our lab the Orijen adult formula for more than a year and he was fine. We just received the first bag of Orijen adult formula from the Kentucky factory, all previous bags were from Canada. They have definitely made changes. I had some food left from the last bag and the color is completely different. Lab has had diarrhea for 2 days now, started right when the new bag of food was started.

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    Keke L

    First of all, Orijen is a Canadian company, based in Alberta. I called Orijen asked about the difference of US and Canadian productions (being a Canadian, and from a food industry background, naturally I want to make sure the food I feed my dog are Canadian meats and Canadian production). They told me for the Canada, Europe ans Asia markets, the source and production is in Alberta, Canada. The US and South American markets, the production is in Kentucky. BTW just for your information, in terms of food safety and food quality (including dairy), it’s always been ranking in this order: European products > Canadian products > US products. “>” means better. Take this from someone has been in Food industry for over 16 years, selling products all over the world. We know so well each country’s food regulations and guidelines:-)

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    a c

    Thank you for the information. So, Canada, Europe, and Asia markets receive fine products from Orijen, but not US. That’s good to know.

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    What about Orijen Freeze-Dried? Anyone?

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    Kathleen S

    Please help- My new puppy a Great Pyrenees has been on Orijen large breed puppy since we received him from the breeder. Its now starting to give him loose poops. The poops start out fine, but the end results are loose. We are thinking he might be getting to much protein. Looking to switch his food. Everything has been going fine with the food as far as growth, and he does like the taste. At first we thought it was because he’s still teething. We are also still house training so there has been some accidents.

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