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    Crista S

    I want the best for my 6yr old Yorkie the Price doesn’t matter to me. I am a juicing no preservatives nerd myself so I want the best for him as well. My heart just sinks when i hear that the dog food I have been giving him “beneful” has been recalled. I can’t imagine my life without him, even though I know one day it will come I want to help him be as healthy as I am now.

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    Hey, Crista, and welcome to DFA!

    Yes, Beneful is not a good food at all, so I would definitely advise you to change your Yorkie to something else. However, changing directly to a high-quality food may seriously upset his tummy, so I would recommend switching him gradually to Nutro or some other medium-level brand, and after a little while, switching him over to a good-quality food.

    Off the top of my head, Castor and Pollux Organix is a good-quality dry, organic meat-and-veggie-based food. Their other line, Ultramix, is also really, really good, but not quite all-organic.

    Since you are an Editor’s Choice member on this site, I believe you have access to a list of GMO-free foods: /reports/gmo-free/
    Just look through that, they are all quality foods to choose from. Good luck!

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    Natural Planet Organics has kibble and Party Animal has a kibble and several canned foods and also has a new line called Cocolicious.

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