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    I have been using Hill’s Science Diet Oral Care, also knows as T/D. It works very well for tooth decay, tartar buildup, as the food is large kibbles, and the dog MUST chew them well. However, it does not recieve a good rating for nutrition. I use it for 1/2 his total food, and am looking for a replacement, which specifically addresses dental care. Any recommendations?
    Thanks, bt

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    Hound Dog Mom

    My suggestion would be to just feed a quality food and brush your dog’s teeth. Feeding raw meaty bones will help or specially designed dental chews (in addition to brushing, not instead of) will help too. Other than prescription foods specifically designed for dental health (which contain low quality ingredients), there are no dry foods that are proven to improve dental health.

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    I would give them a bone to gnaw on. My dogs are always chewing on their old marrow bones and beef rib bones. I haven’t given them a bully stick in a long time. I also use ProDen Plaque off on their food.

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