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    Jan K

    I switched to Victor about two years ago. I was looking for a kibble that would work well for my breeding girls and also for my puppies. I was feeding Hi-pro Plus. I felt like my Samoyed dog did well on it and produced full, healthy litters. However, I had an Aussie that I lost to post whelp liver failure. It came out of the blue and we never realized the problem until it was too late. So that leaves me with lots of questions, particularly about protein levels and quality assurance. Talking to others with a similar experience, some necropsy done, ( I didn’t think to do that: I was so stunned). Two possible causes were copper toxicity and a toxic fungus that grows on grains possible cross contamination at the manufacture. I switched to Victor Professional, reducing the protein from 30% to 26%. Victor gets good ratings here. I just don’t know who to trust: manufacture, dog food ratings or antidotal information.

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    I would think a repro vet would best be able to answer your questions.

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