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    Joyce M

    My oldest dog is a French Bulldog who will be 12 in September. Should he be getting a higher or lower protein food? Thanks!

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    My 15 year old small breed did well on Wysong senior, he just looked better and had regular bowel movements. He’s getting Nutrisca salmon and chickpea now which also agrees with him. I soak the kibble in water overnight in the fridg…..he doesn’t have much left for teeth, plus he needs the added water. I often add a bite of cooked chicken or lean meat. I guess I lean toward high protein unless there is a medical reason not too.

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    Senior dogs require more protein. Only reason I can see not to feed him a high protein diet was if he was in the late stages of K/D

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    What Pitlove said.

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    For a senior dog, quality of protein is what matters. As they age their ability to extract the protein from their diet diminishes, so senior dogs may require as much as 50% more quality protein than younger dogs just to get the same amount out of their food, however, their need for protein does not diminish at all. Higher quality sources are easier for them to utilize.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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