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    I know that Nutro Ultra isn’t on any of the lists but is this a good food? I can’t really afford Wellness and I’m not using Blue Buffalo at all. Has anyone ever used Nutro Ultra before?

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    Dr. Mike hasn’t reviewed the new gluten free line yet, but I messaged him about it and it’s on his to-do list. Other than that, their canned is decent – Bruno does well on it – but haven’t tried the dry.
    My friend has fed Nutro Max before and her dogs did ok on it too.

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    I’m not impressed with Nutro. Why not order online? So many more choices or shop at a local independent pet store.

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    The independent local pet stores are great but they are much higher in price. Shopping online is an option but I fear bugs in the hot trucks or ruined merchandise.

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    Hi, is Holistic Select cheaper then Wellness as they are made by the same company, Wellpet, they have a new kibble I read called Turkey & lentils grainfree, also Holistic Select has the Grainfree Adult & puppy, thats if you want a grainfree, I prefer the Adult Duck meal or the adult lamb meal & the Senior Chicken meal , its not grainfree has rice & oats, I found the Holistic Select is easier to digest as its Hydrolyised protein. Ive tried the Australian Nutro natural choice Chichen & rice & the Lamb & rice but the Australian Nutro ingredents are different to the American Nutro, my dog loved it but it was a very hard kibble & gave Patch stomach acid, so that went back to the shop for a refund but his poos were good..also I didnt like how it had salt added..

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