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    Tammy C

    I am raising 4 lab pups, all under the age of one. 4 can be incredibly expensive to feed as they can go through a 40 pound bag of food in 2 weeks or less. I want my pups to have great nutrition at a very reasonable price which is why I feed them diamond naturals large breed puppy lamb and rice. No corn, wheat or soy, no preservatives and packed with fruits and vegetables. Incredibly, most rural kings or tractor supply stores sell for 36.99 for 40 pounds. With multiple dogs I could never pay $45-$75 a bag like a lot of the puppy foods recommended here. Diamond had past recalls but seems to have straightened up the problems as my labs have beautiful coats, white teeth, lots of energy and no digestive issues.

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    Deborah C

    I have a 1 1/2 year old Cavalier that is such a finicky eater. On her last vet check-up he asked what she was eating and I told him she would not eat dog food. The recipe I used is fresh chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots baked in the oven with olive oil, fresh peas, and brown rice. This take so much time. He then told me he would like to see her eat half what I prepared and half dry dog food. We tried the new Freshpet dry food, currently only available at Target stores 50 miles away. Lo and behold, she gradually started eating the dry food except for the round ball shaped pieces. She would just let the food roll out of her mouth, like she didn’t know how to chew it. We also have a new Cav. puppy that currently eats Hill’s Science diet for puppies and occasionally the older one will eat that food. She’s still inconsistent and we’re hoping she will come around to something she likes. Our vet also said dogs do not variations in their dog food. Unlike humans, the dogs should stay with the same food. If anyone could suggest what they have found works for their finicky eaters, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Home cooking is great, IF it’s balanced. Yours is not. If you want to cook, go to DogAware dot com for help.

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    Pamela N

    Purina Pro Plan Natural Plus Essential Vitamins.

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    Charles Z

    Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements

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    Jeri L H

    Can you tell me anything about Nutri Source and why it isn’t on your list?

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    Debra A C

    Not sure if I’m just missing this because several people mentioned it in the last two years but Evolve Grain Free seems like a very good choice. It uses chickpeas (which my dog LOVES) and peas rather than grains. Would like to know what your review would be.


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    Janice M

    Have you rated Sojos complete Raw, grain free? I just tried the turkey recipe and my dog liked it and it looks “healthy”.

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    Pamela N

    I would like to nominate Purina Pro Plan Natural Plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals. This appears to be a very good dog food and I would also like to see it reviewed.

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    Tim S

    Farmina N&D Grain-Free (Chicken & Pomegranate) Large Breed Puppies (Maxi)

    A benefit beyond the label: Larger sized kibble makes for easy hand feeding, using as a training treat

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    Onya D

    Dogs Gone Wild Raw Food! My Maltese eats it but couldn’t find it on your website.

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    Jon K

    Vital Essentials Frozen Raw, Beef.
    wondering why it’s not included on the Editor’s Choice List.
    I know you can’t list every good food out there but I’m curious as to why this one is or isn’t on the list.

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    Pauline G

    Fresh pet Dry, Grain Free, Fresh Chicken Recipe.

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    Thetis N

    Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier

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    Thetis this is rated a 2.5. You need to read the review. I have a yorkie and I would never feed this!

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    Ugh! So true weezerweeks!

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    Tom G

    Whole Paws brand from Whole Foods.

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    Whole Foods does not post ingredient lists and other nutritional info for their dog food. They would also have to be transparent regarding their country of origin of ingredients, who manufactures the food and other important factors.

    Why isn’t my favorite company on the Editor’s Choice list?
    There are many reasons a particular brand may not be included on our lists.
    For example, a company may not have met all our guidelines. Or its agents may have been unwilling to reveal important manufacturing information.
    In some cases, we may be aware of unfavorable information about a company. Or we may have received tips from industry insiders that disqualify certain brands from inclusion on our lists.
    And finally, we may simply be unfamiliar with a particular brand. So, feel free to nominate a company you believe we’ve overlooked.

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    heather g

    Zignature! My dog has been loving it, which is crazy because he’s so picky. I got him hooked on lower end foods (ProPlan). Turns out he’s allergic to grain and poultry 🙁 Now that I’ve actually done my research this is the only grain-free food he’s been into that has ingredients that actually impresses me 🙂

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    james a

    what about rachael ray zero grain ,been using it a year for 2 labs, been great ,no problems, why is it not higher on the list, and it also does not have copper sulfate ,poison.

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    Have you gone on the review side and read through the number of gastro problems so many dogs are having?

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    not to mention rachael ray’s foods testing positive for an herbicide…

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    Good point Pitlove. I’d forgotten about the herbicides.

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    Kathryn M

    I believe Only Natural Pet Grain-Free MaxMeat Air Dried Dog Food, it seem to have a high percent of meat protein along with organ meat, ground bone and other good stuff.
    I also have a question about a raw food All Provide out of GA, I do not see it on the web site at all. Have you had the chance to evaluate this product?
    Thank You

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    Rusty T

    I’m curious. I have a 90 pound mixed breed and a young 65 pound Shepard. Based on the reviews, I’ve had my dogs on Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe for Large Breed Dogs (dry food) and Newman’s Own Organic Beef/Liver Canned Food (1/2 can per dog per day mixed with dry food in the evenings). The 90 pounder was raised on it and has done well, and the Shepard also does well on it, although we’ve only had her for six weeks. I additionally had my older lab on it, however, he passed away about 3 months ago from bone marrow cancer. He did extremely well on it. Why are these still on the 5 star listing, but not the Editors Choice?

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    Heather S

    After combing our local stores here in Tampa, we were most impressed with NULO. I would love to nominate them for Editors Choice inclusion, and to read your newest opinion on their products!

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    Kristin S


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    Eamon V

    Farmina N&D grain free. My picky mini Aussie loves it. Great ingredients.

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    Robin P

    Great Life Dog Foods. Just found out that they are one of the few dog food companies that get their vitamin packs from the USA. I was told that most dog food companies get their vitamin pack from China but China sends their vitamin packs to Europe so the dog food companies can say they get their vitamin packs from Europe instead of saying China.

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    Robin P. Yes they may get their vitamin pack from the USA but what’s in the pack, where are they sourced individually. Are they just packed in the USA and sourced individually elsewhere? Just as important as where they are sourced is the question of whether they are synthetic or GMO free.

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    Robin P

    Great Life was founded by Dr. Elliot Harvey who has written books on holistic dog food. Great Life is GMO free and before each batch goes out it is tested at an independent lab to make sure of it being GMO free. All Vitamins are sourced and packed in the USA.

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    Robin P. Great info. Thank you. It wasn’t originally clear to me from your suggestion about Great Life. I appreciate your quick response.

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    Rebecca L

    Is Blue Buffalo dry or canned food any good?

    Rebecca L.
    [email protected]

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    Jane D

    I have just heard about Boreal pet food and wondered about it and wondered if you would possible review it and let me know.

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    Charles Z

    Why isn’t Canidae Pure Elements on the list?

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    janet B

    I like Muenster Perfect Balance Chicken All Life Stages for a Budget Friendly Choice. The price is very good, the quality is good and the service is excellent! They have other brands too but, my pocketbook can’t stretch that far.

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    Bonita B

    I would nominate Orijen. Made in Canada. I read nothing but good about this brand and the
    man who owns and runs this business. My dog loves it. She is chihuahua and papillon. I
    also have a 15 year old chihuahua that can’t chew hard food anymore. I always take several chunks and chop them up to mix in his wet food. He loves it.

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    Nancy B

    I’ve said it before and say it again, I credit Canada’s Champion Foods’ Orijen for the excellent health of my two big rescue dogs, one turning 13 on Dec. 31 and the other turning 14 in March 2016. Love the food and the video showing the locals who provide the ingredients for their one processing facility. Check it out.

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    Champion Foods, manufacturer of both Acana and Orijen, is already on the Editor’s Choice list.

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    Molly M

    Primal Freeze Dried Dog Food

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    Laura C

    Earthborn Holistic Grain free Meadow Feast

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    Mulligan Stew Pet Food and Hound & Gatos for wet food!

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    Darrell J

    What about Diamond Naturals or American Natural Premium?

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    Sue R

    My son is feeding solos to his boarder terrier puppy, recommended by the vet, your thoughts?

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    Sue R


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    Thaylia S

    Good evening, Mike!

    Please consider adding Nature’s Logic to your list of Editor’s Choice foods. I have a 12-year-old female Samoyed who has had problems with food allergies for the past several years, and when I changed her food to Nature’s Logic at the suggestion of the good folks at our local holistic pet food store, Brookside Barkery and Bath, in Kansas City, MO, her skin has cleared up beautifully!

    I feed both the canned and dry formulas to my two babies, and they love it! It is a little pricy, but so worth it in my opinion. As I tell my friends who say they would NEVER pay more than $XX for a bag of dog food, I would rather pay up front for the best nutrition I can find for my critters than pay later at the vet!

    Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion for your list. 🙂

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    Fade R

    There’s a relatively new kid on the block: Platinum (

    A guy at my local store recommended it, the spec seemed legit so I’ve tried it. Nala (my german shepherd, 1.7 years old), seems to like this food the most of anything we’ve tried before. Unfortunately it only comes in 5kg packs, so it’s relatively expensive.

    But I’d love to hear of your insight on it.


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