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    I’m Tyrion’s dad. Tyrion is a 6 year old Frenchie with terrible IBD. Just last week we rushed Tyrion to emergency, and I was all but convinced I’d have to put him down. But with an amazing vet, a few days of IV and TLC, he is now on the mend and the symptoms have resolved completely.
    Thing is, this is his 2nd such episode in 2 years, such a bad one that is. In a year we have to take him on and off antibiotics 4-5 times, and his situation improves.
    My question to you guys is, has anyone used Fecal Micobiata Transplant for their dogs? And what was your experience, how well is your pupper now? And has anyone used poop pills? And your experience with those please.
    Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with me.

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    Hi Tyrion’s Dad
    How is your pup doing?
    I have a cat with IBD and tried the fecal transplant with unfortunately, no improvement. I’m curious if you tried it?
    Mine is on a novel protein diet with added fiber (psyllium husk powder) and Tylosin. Luckily, It is keeping his diarrhea under control.
    Good luck!

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