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    Kathy R

    Hi everyone,
    New to site, just adopted a 20 month Aussie/BC/Retriever mix. Our first dog in 10 years. Until we can trust him not to kill the cat he will be in a crate 2 days a week while we work, with a walk at lunchtime. Want to get him a long lasting, safe chew toy to keep him busy while we’re gone. Tried a frozen pbutter filled kong but he took care of that in about 15 minutes.

    The store has a million types of rawhides, antlers, Himilayan yak stuff, synthetic bones, etc….I am overwhelmed. What do you recommend that he can be left alone with? He has not chewed on anything inappropriate but shredded a tug of war toy in about 5 minutes…chewed right thru it so I think he’s a strong chewer. Greenie’s last about 2 minutes.

    I do not want anything that is colored or messy/smelly or bloody as his crate is on my light tan carpeting. Hopefully something the cat won’t be interested in either. What is safe? Our old dog loved rawhides and they lasted forever…but they seem to be ‘out” now though we never had any problems with them.

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    Molly M

    We have had the same chewing toy issues and finding something less destructible.
    Our dog also has destroyed lots of toys however the 2 toys we have found to last are the Wubba (octopus looking) and Nerf ball (about the size of a baseball). It has a ball in a ball so it keeps their interest peaked also and so far (5-6 mo) still intact!!
    Hope this helps!!
    P.s. Maybe you could get some small carpet square one a remnant for under the crate so you don’t have to worry about it on your carpet.

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    I prefer Elk Antlers (not Deer). I have a pitbull that is a power chewer and they work great/

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    Be very careful with rawhide they swell in the stomach if pieces are swallowed & those cooked bones you see in pet shops, dogs are dying the bones splitter in the stomach & bowel…. Go on Face Book look at “Rodney Habib” page, he is often posting stories about rawhide & the chemicals used to make rawhide & other bad treats….. If you scroll down on his page he has a easy to make sesame honey chicken jerky strips you can make yourself…..I just bought Kangaroo Tendons but I live Australia these Kangaroo Tendons last hours…..this is what they look like there might be something similar in America…

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    Susan H

    Also watch out for toys with squeakers – my dogs can tear the squeakers out & could get caught in throat. They are banned in our house.

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    Janis L

    My Elvis is an aggressive chewer – he’s a Plott Hound and Bassett hound mix. He loves the elk loves elk antlers. They are hard and there is a risk of breaking a tooth but no problem
    so far. We do not let him chew anything unattended or in his crate. There is always a risk of choking with any type of chew so you may want to keep that in mind.

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    virginia R

    Hi Janis – I have two Standard Poodles, both “energetic chewers”, the first is now 4 and we made the mistake of giving her bones and antlers when she was young. Resulted in damaged enamel – visible marks on her teeth which are now also permanently stained. We see specialist dentist with her (and our cats). His advice is clear – no bones, antlers or anything that is hard (“hit yourself in the shin, it it hurts don’t allow it”). We’ve tried Yak Milk (shattered), bully sticks/bull penis – the dogs chew off hunks and choke. Same with trachea, pigs ears, veterinary dental chews. We’ve found only one safe (enough) thing for chewing – it’s like a nylabone made by a company called Tasty Bone. Still with it we have to watch – they can chew and make burrs on the toy and then it can make their gums bleed. And of course there are the Kong products – black for aggressive chewers. Good for you – no toys without supervison.

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    virginia R

    Hi Susan – in Canada we can get deer tendons, but for my Standard Poodles they last about 5 minutes. And they make them sick. Kangaroo may be stronger and I know the meat is often more healthy.

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