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    kimberley w

    I have a 70-75 lbs boxer mix. He is 7-8 years old. He has been allergy tested and this are the results, in order of sensitivity (separated)

    protein: milk, beef, liver, lamb, venison, kangaroo, fish mix, turkey, pork, duck, chicken, rabbit

    other: potato, rice,soybean, corn, barley, pinto beans, wheat

    What do I feed this guy? Is buffalo/bison the same as beef? Is elk the same as venison? Is pheasant the same as turkey/duck/chicken? Is goat the same as lamb? Is boar the same as pork?

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    What type of allergy testing was done?

    PS: Because if one were to believe the results you have presented. There is no commercial dog food that will meet your criteria. Cross contamination and all.
    You would either have to go with prescription/therapeutic food or consult a veterinarian that specializes in nutrition.
    Not the internet.

    Food allergies are rare and food sensitivities tend to fluctuate. I would consider consulting a veterinary dermatologist for a second opinion, intradermal skin testing (the most accurate way to identify environmental allergens).
    Good luck

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    kimberley w

    Greer Allergcomplete. Idexx Labratories. The vet drew blood and sent it off. So he’s more sensitive to beef than rabbit. Beef causes licking and skin rashes. Haven’t tried rabbit b/c of the cost.

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    The blood test, that’s what I thought.
    Most allergies are environmental. Ask your vet if a referral to a veterinary dermatologist for intradermal skin testing is indicated if he doesn’t have a positive response to the diet changes and treatment in a reasonable amount of time.
    Especially if the symptoms have been going on for 4 seasons/1 year without significant relief from symptoms.
    Hope this helps

    Evidence Update- Evidence-based Canine Allergy Treatment

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    kimberley w

    He has a host of environmental allergies as well. The heavy hitters there are sweet vernal grass, dust mite, storage mite-tyrophagus and acarus siro

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    Exactly. That’s why you need the expertise of a veterinary dermatologist.


    The only thing that worked for my dog was allergen specific immunotherapy.
    Five years in, excellent results.
    Otherwise continue to work with your vet, there are some newer treatment options out there….

    PS: These ones “dust mite” and “storage mite-tyrophagus” are present all year round indoors/outdoors, on the skin of all living things including you. Avoidance doesn’t work.

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    Hi Kimberly,
    the only true 100% test for food Sensitivities & food Allergies is a food elimination diet, those blood, salvia & hair tests all give false positive results, go back & have the test done again thru another company & the test results will be different to the one you have had done & chances are what he’s eaten in the last 1-2 weeks a few of those ingredients will come up as an positive allergen, this is what my vet told me when I wanted to have a blood test done on Patch 4 yrs ago, in the end I did an food elimination diet instead & now I pretty much know what he can’t eat but cause of Patches environment allergies as well this can cause confusion to a new dog owner as the dog may eat his single novel protein & 1 carb meal, then go outside then start reacting to something outside & then the owner thinks its what he just ate but its probably something from outside, as they age they get worse with their allergies, I’ve even been thinking of trying the Apoquel or the Cyto Point injection as this is the worse Summer Patch has ever had but we have just moved here… Patch he reacts 20mins after he eats something he’s sensitive too, the other day the lady at the pet shop gave him a few kibbles as a treat they had Chicken in the treats, it was too late before I said NO Patch had gulped them down aaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh then he was really quiet while driving home I looked thru the mirrow & he was licking his back paw it was red & hot, it needed a ice pack, thats how quick he reacts, food sensitivities can take anywhere from 1 day up to 6 weeks to react,Patch reacts within 20mins of eating the food …… You’d have an idea how quick your dog reacts when he’s sensitive to an ingredient start a elimination diet & add one of the ingredients on the list he’s sensitive too ingredient & see does he react?? pick an ingredient thats in most kibbles, cause your not going to find a kibble without lamb, chicken, turkey, kanagroo, rice, potato etc.

    It’s very rare to be sensitive to all those meat proteins, he’d have IBD as well, I really wouldnt believe in the blood test it will drive you mad, cause there’s no kibbles out there you are looking for unless you try a vet diet a Hydrolyzed vet diet Purina HA, Royal Canine Allergenic google & have a look at all of the Royal Canine vet diet formula’s or look at Canadian “Rayne” formula’s or a look for a premium kibble that has 1 carb & 1 meat protein diet or feed homemade raw diet thru a nutritionist…..

    Have a look at Canidae’s “Under The Sun” Whitefish a few people who have dogs with bad food sensitivities feed “Under The Sun” Whitefish formula, also look at all Canidae Pure formula’s Pure Wild Boar has, Wild Boar, Pork Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Chickpeas, Canola Oil, Suncured Alfalfa …
    Here’s the Canidae link just scoll down little look at the UTS formula’s then look at the pages on your right, Wild Boar is page 3

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    Hi Kimberly-

    Susan hit the nail right on the head with her whole post. It’s too bad they won’t give you a refund on the blood test since it’s known to be so inaccurate! The vets I work for recommend an elimination diet like Susan had mentioned. This is the golden standard for assessing food allergies.

    If you would be interested in doing a food trial, I will warn you that is it challenging to do correctly and it takes a lot on the owners part. Whether you choose to use a prescription diet or homecook for the dog yourself, you can not give anything extra at all. No treats, no table scraps, no favored medications, no eating stuff outside, no food from another pet, no chews (dental etc), literally nothing but the diet. If the dog gets ahold of something that is not apart of the diet meant for the food trial, the trial is then considered void and must be redone.

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