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    Johannes L

    My wife has recent medical issues and can’t handle the smell of dog food. Our 17 year old Aussie (52 pounds) needs to eat wet food because he doesn’t have many teeth left. What dog foods are out there that don’t smell so bad? My wife’s sense of smell rivals that of some dogs, so this isn’t an easy issue.

    I have been feeding our dog in the garage along with washing everything before coming in, but the smell lingers on him and makes here extremely sick. Are there any canned foods that don’t smell like dog food? I don’t want to buy 40+ brands to see what is tolerable, as one whiff and she is in bad shape. To make matters more difficult, our dog has started being picky about eating and seems to only want the cheap dog food (Ol’ Roy is what he will eat). I supplement his diet with Ruff Greens mixed into shredded cheese, which (maybe??) seems to help with the smell of his flatulence.

    I’m trying to keep our dog healthy while also keeping my wife from getting sick.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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