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    Edie B

    I have a 4 1/2 year old Shiloh Shepherd who has been on TOTW since he was 6 months old. About 10 days ago he started have diarrhea which he never has had so I put him on rice and boiled chicken for a few days until he firmed up again. I added about 1/2 cup of his regular TOTW/Bison to the rice and chicken diarrhea again. I returned the food to the pet store to try a different flavor/fowl thinking it would be easier on his stomach. After a few more days on the rice and chicken, firm again, I mixed 1/2 cup of the new formula. Explosive diarrhea overnight so back to chicken and rice which he has now been on for 4 days and is firming up again. I’ve been making sure he doesn’t get dehydrated.
    Now I’m looking for a new dog food after much research and finding out that TOTW is associated with Diamond Brand. I was looking at Canidae and saw in the reviews that 2 years ago it also had something to do with Diamond but don’t know if this is still true. I’m open to any and all dog food suggestions for a grain free dry dog food because this big boy needs to eat more than rice and chicken.
    He had a vet visit about 3 weeks before this problem as he gets a seasonal rash on his belly every year that is usually gone by Oct so the vet suggested we wait and see if it goes away with topical ointments to sooth the skin. I live in the NE as suspect he becomes allergic to something during the changing seasons.
    I’m really at a loss here on what food is bet for him at this point
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Edie, I don’t think its the food (Diamond) I think your dog has a sensitivity to an ingredient in the TOTW, read all the ingredients & get another kibble without any of those ingredients, a kibble with just brown rice & 1 protein, sounds like he can eat chicken & rice, so a kibble with just chicken & rice, NO Potatoes, No Peas, NO Tomato, No Egg etc there’s “California Natural” Lamb & Rice with just 4 ingredients or their Chicken & Rice with 5 ingredients give that a go & see how he does…..I wonder if the fat is the problem, cause chicken & rice is a bland low fat meal…the TOTW is very high in fat 18%min fat….
    If he does good firm poos when eating a kibble with just rice & protein, then start adding foods to his kibble, toppers but minus the ingredients he may be sensitive too…..add 1 new food at a time just in case & see if he’s still doing normal poo’s like an elimination diet..

    I thought my boy couldn’t eat potatoes or sweet potatoes, so when he was doing firm poos on a Lamb & Rice kibble, I started adding some boiled potatoes & his poos were still firm, then I stopped the boiled potatoes & started to adding some boiled sweet potatoes & his poos were still firm, so now I’m thinking it was the peas or the egg he’s sensitive tooo..

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    Sue S

    mix 25% new food with 75% old food for about 4 days, providing that your dog has no ill reactions to the new food (allergies, ect), then use a 50/50 mix for about 4 days, then 75% new food with 25% old food for about 4 days, then you should be ready to feed 100% new food.

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    Since you tried different proteins and he is still having diaherra, look at the carb source (rice, peas, potatoes etc) and see if they are the same in both the TotW recipes. I believe TotW mainly uses peas, so consider that he is intolerant to peas and try a food that does not contain them. I know you want to do grain free, but because you know he can handle chicken and rice, try a food that is chicken and rice based. Or at least find a grain free food that does not use peas as the carb source.

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    Edie B

    Thanks all for replying. I talked to my vet asking about an allergy test and she didn’t recommend it at this time. We talked about food and she basically told me a combination of what everyone posted here. She suggested Royal Canin, they sell it at the vets but also told me I could buy it someplace else. As of now Joey is still on Chicken and rice and I plan on adding dry food this weekend just haven’t decide which one I’m still researching brands. Seems like most of them have had a recall at some time or another.

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