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    Jennifer H

    My toy poodle, Milo, had Pancreatitis the end of May. A few years ago he was diagnosed with Wheat Allergies and our vet at the time recommended Natures Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food. My boy has been eating that food for years without any issues. He is prone to occasional ear infections. He has been seeing his current vet for less then a year. When he came home from the hospital after the pancreatitis, the vet sent him home with Royal Canin dog food and the tech at the vet said that after he was finished eating the Royal Canin they sent me home with, that he could go back to eating his regular pet food. He just need to not eat anything that was high in fat or salt. My poodle is big. He weighs about 17lbs. He is not overweight for his size. A neighbor was feeding him pig ears without our knowledge so I thought perhaps this had caused the Pancreatitis. Anyway, I tried to put him back on his regular food and he refused to eat it. I brought this to the vets attention and at that time they said they wanted him to remain on Royal Canin. Milo has changed eating this food. He is constantly hungry. He begs for food, pesters you until you give him something to eat and he has begun to scratch non-stop. He has been getting non-stop ear infections, biting and licking his paws and has very loose stool. I have left dry food down for him to eat, but he will not eat it. The symptoms he shows with the ears and biting/licking are usually signs I have seen in him in the past when he had food allergies. I returned to the vet and they did not think this was a big deal. The vet tech actually commented that it sounds like my dog likes the Royal Canin. They gave me more prednisone and told me to give him 1 Benadryl, twice a day, every day.
    On the Benadryl, all Milo does is sleep. He acts spaced out. He is still scratching like crazy. I have read so much information on so many topics that my head is spinning. I feel so bad for my little guy and I am at a loss as to what to do for him. I have looked into different pet foods, but most of the high quality foods that are grain free are loaded with starch or fat. Any advice anyone could give me would be so much appreciated. I have tried diluted vinegar rinses and it seems to help for the night, but the next day he is back to scratching non stop. Is there any foods out there that are low fat, with no starch and no grains? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jennifer, have you looked at the Wellness Simple range.. Im trying the Duck & Oatmeal cause this had the lowest fat %, oh the Simple Healthy Weight Grain free is lower with only 8% fat but our Pet barn doesnt stock it….The wellness Simple is GMO free, wheat, corn free dairy & eggs free gluten free no preservatives, no colours or flavours……Patch has Pancreatitis, IBD & itchy skin, red paws, sometimes real itchy ears (depends what he eats)…He was put on the Vet prescription Eukanuba Intestinal & yes Patch seems hungry all the time following me into kitchen, I just started this Wellness Simple about 2-3 weeks ago Im still slowey introducing it with Patches Eukanuba Intestinal cause of his IBD, but already his paws arent red & itchy no more, he isnt scatching his back on my wall like he does when itchy, he’s a link have a look at all there flavours…

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