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    Lauren E

    Hi I’m not sure if this is where I’m supposed to post this, sorry if I’m in the wrong topic but I need advice..
    I recently reconnected with an old friend of mine who told me she’s feeding her dog beneful. I was pretty horrified because I believe beneful is one of the worst foods there is. I asked her where she buys it so i could possibly switch her to whole earth farms or something, being that we’re kind of young and not very financially stable and she needs a cheaper food. But her dad is a very nice but stubborn man and they buy it from Walmart and I’m not sure if I would be able to convince them to switch (also since we’re not that close so my opinion wouldn’t be that influential). Anyway sorry for rambling..

    I was just wondering what people thought was the best food I could suggest to her to switch to that is sold at Walmart.
    I know none of them are good but in your opinion which is the least bad?

    Thanks in advance for your time and opinions.

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    Pure Balance 3.5 stars is sold at Walmart. It’s an Ol’ Roy brand but better than the original Ol’ Roy. Also, the newer Purina Beyond products like Purina Beyond Adventure 3.5 stars.

    If there is a Tractor Supply or other feed store, there’s 4Health (Tractor Supply) and Victor Dog Food. Victor Multi Pro 50 lbs was $33 at my local feed store rated 3.5 stars.

    Kroger has a new brand called Abound which is 3.5 stars. I don’t know the price.

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    I second what Sandy said and also, the Pure Balance canned, if you wanted to go that route, are 5 stars. Canned is much better for dogs that dry food, but not sure your friend’s dad would want to switch.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Lauren E:
    I agree with all the info posted by Cyndi and Sandy. One of the places I regularly shop for pet food is Wal-Mart. Here’s what I suggest:

     Rachael Ray GF recipes only – Turkey 4 stars, Salmon not rated

    You can find RR GF at Wal-Mart, Grocery Stores, and various on-line retailers. Rachael Ray offers coupons on her website for pet food (under news & offers tab):

     Pure Balance grain inclusive and GF 3.5 & 4 stars

     Purina Beyond Adventure 3.5 stars

     Purina Beyond Simply 9 3 stars

     Purina Beyond Superfood 3.5 stars

     Pure Balance stews ($1.00/can) 5 stars

     Pure Balance 95% meat ($1.25/can) 3.5 stars

     Pure Balance Tubs 4 – 5 stars

     Freshpet: Select Slice and Serve & Vital dog food rolls 5 stars, Vital Complete Meals (pouch) 5 stars, Roasted Meals (pouch) 3.5 stars, and Home style Tubs 3 stars

     Natural Life 4 stars

     Newman’s Own Organics 4 stars

     Variety 4 stars

     Rachael Ray Nutrish Tubs 3.5 stars
    Rachael Ray offers coupons on her website for pet food (under news & offers tab):

     Iams Woof Delights Tubs 3.5 stars

     Ol’ Roy Healthy Mix Tubs 3.5 stars

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Great list Bobby Dog! 🙂

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    Bobby dog

    Thanks HDM! I keep a handy word document for just such an occasion. In the past I have been able to help a few friends (pet stores and on-line ordering out of the question for some reason) make some healthier choices for their fur babies. 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Oh just got thinking and a couple other decent foods not mentioned:

    Iams Healthy Naturals Chicken and Barley (4 stars)
    Iams Grain Free Naturals (3.5 stars)

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    Bobby dog, interesting picture! Lol! Cute butt! 😉

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    Bobby dog

    Thanks Cyndi, it’s one of my fav’s of Bobby. It reminds me of how much fun he is. He is always on the go and many pictures I take of him are of a body part. He always has something to sniff, a Frisbee to catch, or something to chase; he is a very busy dog! lol

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    Lol! Sounds like the ferrets I used to have. I could never get a good pic of them together. They were always on the go and getting into stuff. Bobby does sound like fun! 🙂

     photo Pooh.jpg

    That’s Pooh, and Tigger is behind him, but she was next to him when I went to take the pic, lol!

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    Bobby dog

    Love the picture, love his little mask!

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    Lauren E., sorry I hijacked your thread. 🙁 But I think you got some great info above already. 🙂

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    Bobby dog

    If budget is a concern, there are also often coupons offered for both Iams wet and dry foods on

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    Bobby dog

    I have one more suggestion:

     Natural Life (excluding the Weight Management Formula) 3 – 4 stars*

    *Nat’l Life website offers a $10 off coupon towards the purchase of a 17.5 lbs. bag of dog food:

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