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    Hi Dr. Mike,

    I’ve been feeding both my JRT & Yorkie raw food for two years now and have only had a problem with feeding the JRT chicken & turkey because she has SEVERE ALLERGIES to it. I’ve tried several brands i.e.;, Bravo, Darwin’s, Steve’s, Stella & Chewy’s, Vital, & lastly Nature’s variety Instinct.

    I’ve fed them rabbit, venison, pheasant & lamb.

    I recently tried the Variety Instinct Beef!!! BAD CHOICE!.

    I started the beef this past Sunday Sept 15th, 2013. I purchased the Patties & the Raw Kibble Bites. I would give them the patty in the evening & the raw bites in the morning.

    3 days into the feeding, I noticed that after my Xena the JRT started throwing up about 15 minutes after she ate this food. If she drank any water, she would throw it up too.

    Well here we are Saturday September 21st, and she has refused to eat either the patty or the raw beef bites as well. My Zeus, the Yorkie was refusing to touch it too. They both have diarrhea, Only my JRT is still vomiting she isn’t even keeping the water down.

    She went to poo this morning and alarming to see, that she had BLOOD in her STOOLS!!! She is refusing to eat anything.

    I called the Petco Store where I purchased this food & spoke to the Manager.

    He suggested that I bring in the UPC Labels and to generate a written report to the Nature’s Variety Instinct Corp.

    I contacted my Vet and He suggested I give her some boiled Chicken & Rice & some Pedialyte. My Vet also suggested that since I can’t afford to bring her to him to check her, he said ” Maybe you should consider giving one of your dogs up for adoption cause you certainly can’t afford the two to take care of them in a case like this”

    I have never had an issue as this one to make my Xena soooooo sick. I know that she has not ingested anything other than this BEEF product.

    I still want to feed them Raw. HELP WHAT DO I DO Dr. Mike & knowledgeable dog owners.

    I also have them on Dr. Becker’s Liver & Kidney Support, Digestive Enzymes & the Spirugreen Super Food for Dogs.

    Sincerely for My (Zeus 7 yr. old male & neutered & (Xena 6 yr. old Female & Neutered)

    I’ve had Zeus since he was 3 months old & Xena since she was 6 weeks old.

    Thank You ,


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    Withhold all water until at least 4 hours after the last time they vomit, 6 hours would be better. Withhold food for a full 24 hours after the last vomit. Then only give about a quarter of the amount you usually feed of something bland, something that you know they don’t have any problems with. Make it something low fat too. You might want to add a spoonful of pure canned pumpkin to it and some probiotics. Maybe some low fat ground beef. After they have kept that down for a few hours(6 or so), then feed them 1/2 of a meal of a regular food that you know they can handle. If they do fine on that, go back to a regular feeding schedule with a food you know they handle for a few days before switching up again.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I just bought some of the NV Instinct Raw Bites (Lamb) to try because one of my local pet stores just started carrying it – I hope my dogs don’t have this problem! Patty gave you some good suggestions, I hope everything clears up.

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    Scott X

    Same here mugsy my 3 month old pug had been vomiting 20 minutes after eating it. It’s scary.

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    joanne l

    HI Scott I was using natures Instinct can food and my dog got sick. So now I cook for him and give him his dry food. It is better to make your own moist food. I had so much trouble with can food you can’t imagine. I don’t feed the raw dog food I am afraid too, so I give him raw meat when it is on sale and it is cheaper than the raw dog food.

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