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    Mark C

    I have been feeding the venison formula to my dogs for about a year now. This last batch I purchased was different in color and smell. It went from a pleasing smelling food to a nasty odorous mix of what I call chemical smells.

    Nature’s Logic was contacted and this is what I was told: A couple months ago, in order to continue to make our food to our high standards, we moved from a plant in Texas to CJ Food in Pawnee City, Nebraska. The new plant is making everything to our specifications, and as a matter of fact, our specs have improved due to better sourcing of our ingredients.

    When we come out with new bags in February and March, we will show that the calories have gone up per cup and the weight of a cup is slightly higher from 3.8 oz to 4 oz.

    What this probably will mean to you is a need to feed less food. A bit too much food can cause some gas and lose stool for some pets.

    When we do launch our food in the new bags, we will also make a couple very small changes. One is going from beef meal in our venison to some lamb meal which we use to do. This will enable us to export our venison diet to Canada and many other foreign country into which we cannot with the beef in the diet.

    I hope you will try to cut back about ¼ on the amount you feed. If you do this I believe everything will work like it has in the past.

    Has anyone else had an experience with this food? Can they replace the bags AFTER the food content changes? It seems to me the nutrition information on the current bags are wrong or misleading.

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    Hi Marc,

    I considered this food for my dog who is on a venison limited ingredient diet but ultimately decided the company didn’t meet my standards. At the time, the owner of the company, Scott Freeman told me that they do not do any ingredient testing of any type, instead they rely on the spec sheet form their suppliers. I found this unacceptable. Additionally, he seemed unsure of what post production quality control testing was being done at the co packer.

    In the past when posters to this site have complained of a chemically smell from their dog’s food ( not this food) it had been found to be rancid. Natures Variety had a problem with this with their beef formula . /dog-food-recall/natures-variety-dog-food-recall-2012/

    The change in smell may not have anything to so with the ingredient change. Lamb can be a strong odor but I don’t think the food should smell like chemicals.

    The labeling information on the bag is supposed to reflect what is in the bag. Many will cite what I believe to be an “urban legend” that manufactures can make a switch and have 6 months for the bag to reflect that. I’ve never found an AAFCO reg that allows for this. The closest I’ve come is a reg that allows a company for 6 months to advertise the food as “new formula” on their bags after a change has been made.

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