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    Raffaele C

    I’ve been wanting to try alternate methods for preventing fleas/ticks for quite some time now but had a lot of difficulty finding reliable information. I didn’t even think that I could ask for some advice on these forums but then I came across the Off Topic. I did read through a few threads on here already about this but I was hoping to get a clearer and specifc recommendation for a natural flea/tick prevention program (specific product links, times of year, etc). Both my small dogs are on Frontline and are due for another dosage so I am hoping to try something new soon.

    I’m really nervous about making this transition so I want to make sure I do it right. Can anyone help offer some advice?

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    I found that coconut oil mixed with water gets the best results. you have to heat up the coconut oil daily in the cold months. make a spritz out of it.

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    Hi Raffaele C

    Here’s a list of essential oils that are known to be useful in fighting fleas.

    Peppermint – kills fleas, strong smell, relatively safe.
    Clove – probably the strongest flea killer, but can be irritating to skin.
    Lemongrass – smells like lemons, repels and kills, not as powerful as peppermint or clove.
    Red Cedarwood – woody smell, kills fleas.
    Rosemary – expensive and works as well as peppermint oil.

    A simple mixture for a gallon of water would be;

    4 oz of any of the oils above.
    4 oz of isopropyl alcohol to help with absorption
    120 oz of water
    Shake well before each use
    Lightly mist dog, NOT CAT, with spray bottle or wet a washcloth and rub all over. Can be used daily. Start slowly because you can never know if your dog will have any sensitivities to any of the ingredients.

    Here’s a link, buy a couple of 1 oz bottles to start. See which ones you and you and your dog(s) like the best, and go from there.


    For testing using 1 oz bottles, mix 1 oz essential oil with 1 oz alcohol and 30 oz water in a 32 oz bottle 😉

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    I have used a Vetri Science spray, Wondercide spray and also Bug Off Garlic to repel.

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