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    My dogs used to eat Evo, but after the recall I switched them just to be cautious. After all the drama with the recalls and the company changing hands, how do I trust them again? SHOULD I trust them again? My dilemma is this – my boy Duke had a mast cell tumor removed, so in an abundance of caution I want to switch his food to one with higher protein. Evo Red Meat would be perfect for his allergies – chicken, turkey, fish (except salmon), sweet potato, kelp, rice, and barley. But I have to wonder about the quality with it being made by one of the big brands. Help!

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    I personally don’t trust them. There are too many other foods out there. I’m going to see whet else I find for your dogs.

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    Wow, that wasn’t easy. I didn’t find many foods that didn’t have the list of ingredients your dog is allergic to & they don’t have higher protein:

    Natures Variety Instinct LID lamb 22%
    Rabbit: 25%
    Duck: 26%

    Wellness Simple Frainfree salmon & potato. 25%

    Zignature duck 27%
    Lamb 28%

    If I was you, I’d feed raw or home cooked.

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    That was the problem I was running into also. The Wellness is a good food, so is Fromm (which also works for him) but they’re all so high in carbs. I’m leaning towards cooking for him, but he loves his kibble with his sisters. 🙂 Thank you for checking around for me!


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    you could also add some good canned on top to help boost the protein, which you can do for all of them so you don’t have to just switch one to a special diet

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    Holy moly!

    I just spent my lunch trying to come up with something for you and I got almost nothing!

    If your pup is able to eat white potato and menhaden oil, you could take a look at Back to Basics, but the protein is only 25%.

    I’ll try to look later again. I can sympathize with your frustration as I also have a dog with food intolerance issues.

    Edit: I agree with Aquariangt. I was thinking you could boost protein with canned or some fresh, lean, (lightly cooked if you prefer) meats.

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